Tuesday, January 01, 2019

DeSantis named 'Biggest Suck-up to Trump' of 2018 for ad 'building the wall' with kid's toys. (MSNBC/Orlando Sentinel)

Quo vobis videtor?

Florida's next Governor is in the tank for TRUMP, kookoo for TRUMP, slavishly, self-abasingly, laughing-all-the-way-to-the-Flori-DUH Governor's mansion for DONALD JOHN TRUMP.

What a louche lugubrious goober.

Shame, shame, we know his shame.


DeSantis named 'Biggest Suck-up to Trump' of 2018 for ad 'building the wall' with kid's toys

Governor-elect Ron DeSantis received an unwelcome end-of-year award from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ panel, who named him the “Biggest Suck-up to Trump” of 2018 – though he’s noticeably toned down the overt Trump mentions since winning in November.
DeSantis, who beat out Sean Hannity and the 18 House Republicans who nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, won Matthews’ award for his GOP primary ad from July in which he repeats Trump slogans and quotes while playing and reading with his children.
“Build the wall,” DeSantis says as his daughter stacks play blocks.
“And then Mr. Trump said, “You’re Fired!” DeSantis says as he reads from Trump’s The Art of the Deal to his son, as the words “Pit bull Trump defender” are shown on screen. “I love that part.”
“Big league, so good!” DeSantis says to his baby in the crib, wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt.
The ad, which has been seen over 450,000 times on YouTube, led to puzzled reactions from observers as DeSantis battled state agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam for the Republican nomination for governor.
DeSantis told Fox News the ad was meant to be funny and and introduced voters to his family, according to WESH Channel 2.
“For people that are getting upset about it, it just shows they have no sense of humor,” he told Fox News. "And they just totally don't get what we were trying to convey.”
The message, however joking, of total Trump loyalty was in line with his campaign receiving a huge boost from the endorsement of DeSantis by “the big man himself,” which completely upended a primary expected to be a walk for Putnam.
DeSantis, behind in the polls to Democrat Andrew Gillum for most of the general election campaign, ended up winning that race by a slim 32,000-vote margin, though it was a bigger victory than Gov. Rick Scott’s 10,000-vote win over U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.
The governor-elect has gained mostly good reviews for his decisions since the recount, in which he mostly stayed quiet as officials worked to confirm his lead over Gillum.
While naming prominent Republicans such as former House Speaker Richard Corcoran to key posts such as education commissioner, DeSantis also named Democratic state Rep. Jared Moskowitz as head of the Division of Emergency Management and Democrat Jim Zingale as head of the Department of Revenue.
His choice for Secretary of State, Republican Seminole County elections chief Mike Ertel, has also been notably critical of Trump’s false claim that “millions” voted illegally in the 2016 election and has gained praise from both sides of the aisle.
The biggest controversy during the transition is DeSantis’s claim that Amendment 4, which grants voting rights to former felons, needs to go before the Legislature before it takes effect, despite language stating it takes effect Jan. 8.
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