Thursday, July 23, 2020

City blasts Anthony Frank Sabbatini's lawsuit on masks

In an answer and motion filed in Circuit Court today, the City of St. Augustine did what I expected when I read the complaint.

The City Attorney, Isabelle Christine Lopez, rightly moved to dismiss as frivolous the anti-mask ordinance lawsuit filed by State Representative Anthony Frank Sabbatini.

Rep. Sabbatini's client suffers from asthma -- this he is exempt from the ordinance on its face!

He has no standing.

No injury.

No entitlement to injunctive relief.

If Rep. Sabbatini had bothered to read the ordinance, instead of filing a blunderbuss complaint, he would have realized this was not the right person to bring an action on the City's ordinance,

I'm not impressed with Rep. Anthony Frank Sabbatini, a Florida National Guard officer, whose prior exploits include, according to Wikipedia:

  1. In February 2019, a photo of Sabatini wearing blackface was mailed anonymously to media outlets, leading some lawmakers to call for his resignation.[9]
  2. During Trump's reelection bid announcement in Orlando on June 18, 2019, a rallygoer attacked an Orlando Sentinel reporter filming the event. The reporter tweeted the encounter to which Sabatini replied "MAGA". Sabatini said that he routinely replies “MAGA” to Sentinel reporting and wanted to counter what he considered “ridiculous” coverage of the rally.[10]
  3. On January 13, 2020, Sabatini introduced HB 1365, which would have criminalized giving mental healthcare to transgendered youth, which inspired calls to action against Sabatini and the bill. The bill had five co-sponsors, all of whom were Republicans. Ultimately, this bill died in the Florida House Health Quality Subcommittee, its first and final committee.
  4. In response to the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, Sabatini posted a tweet that suggested protesters will be met with an AR-15 and included an image of the gun, which also appeared with Sabatini on his Facebook page emblazed with "Don't Tread on Me."[11] This was condemned for being "clearly inflammatory" and "inciting violence" as Florida State Representative Cindy Polo stated in her written complaint to the Florida House.  Nikki Fried, Florida Agriculture Commissioner, called for Sabatini to be reprimanded. House Speaker José Oliva found no "direct or preemptive threat" in Sabatini's comments and has not taken punitive actions.[12]

So, will the City seek attorney fees and file a Bar complaint?

Probably not, for the same reason our orotund oleaginous City Attorney failed and refused to seek attorney fees from the Whetstones for one of their frivolous lawsuits.   She lacks principles, lacks courage, and is very much a good-ole-gal, a doormat for the rich and powerful.

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