Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Unsanitary COVID-19 Superspreading St. Augustine Beach City Hall Won't Clean Podium Microphone Between Speakers!

JFK said during the Cuban Missile Crisis, "There's always some poor SOB who doesn't get the word."

For several months, I have told Mayor MARGARET ENGLAND, verbally and by texts, of the need to decontaminate the microphone at the podium at St. Augustine Beach City Hall, and to provide wipes and hand sanitizers for speakers. She never followed up.    Nothing ever happened.

Before meetings during the COVID-19 era, ANTHONY JOHNS, the inept IT professional for the City, taps on the microphone with his bare ungloved hand to make sure it is working, and then meetings begin.  No one wipes down the microphone during meetings.

During the City of St. Augustine Beach meetings on July 6-7, 2020, people spoke three inches from the microphone, without any staff person ever cleaning it off.  My efforts to request compliance have been unavailing, and have fallen on uncaring ears of unsophisticated lugubrious goobers.

At the sister City of St. Augustine, the microphone is wiped off and decontaminated after every single speaker, sometimes personal be SAPD Chief Barry Fox, a hands-on manager who obviously cares.

At the City of St. Augustine Beach, swathed in sloth and torpor, sitting on their keisters,  dull Republican satraps don't give a fig about public health.

While droning on about other people wearing masks, there are unmasked City employees encountering the public in City Hall, without social distancing, who could not even bestir themselves to keep the public comment microphone from becoming a vector for super spreading COVID 19.

Thousands were spent on a plexiglass box to shield Commissioners from breathing the same air as public speakers.  But zero dollars and zero effort on protecting the public.  What narcissists.

Unsanitary, uncouth, unkind, unwelcoming City of St. Augustine Beach -- under the maladministration of senile 30-year City Manager BRUCE MAX ROYLE -- does it lack common sense and sensitivity to public health?

You tell me.

It's time for ROYLE to go.


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