Saturday, July 25, 2020

St. Johns County School Board's Frivolous Appeal of Drew Adams Lawsuit on Nease High School Bathroom Discrimination

The late St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee Chairman WILLIAM KORACH was fired by the Republican Party of Florida for sexual harassment, drunkenness and unauthorized statements of opposition to allowing a trans boy, Drew Adams, to use the boy's restroom at Nease High School.

It is disgraceful that WILLIAM KORACH and dull St. Johns County KKK members and other Republicans were able to bend our misguided, misled School Board members.

It is disgusting that the School Board's unpleasant, malfeasant, incompetent $200,000/year counsel, FRANK UPCHURCH, brought on this lawsuit with his bravado.

Tedjous tendentious tortfeasor FRANK UPCHURCH has often given local yokel educational institutions bad legal advice, resulting in:
  • a $3 million. payout in a lawsuit by six students from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, Inc; 
  • a federal court judgment and payout by St. Johns County School Board (a/k/a "Fool Board) for foolishly forcing elementary students to sing religious songs as a condition of graduation.
  • removing a breach of contract lawsuit to federal court, resulting in, mutatis mutandis, a federal court jury trial next year in the case of Dr. Tina Jaeckle v. Flagler College, involving retaliation for reporting concerns about sexual harassment of students by Flagler Dean JOEL BOLANTE, a former UnderSheriff to corrupt Sheriff David Shoar.
The snooty Tallahassee SNIFFEN & PELLMAN law firm has filed its briefs in response to the orders of the Eleventh Circuit, and Drew Adams has filed his brief.

The Eleventh Circuit sua sponte asked the parties to state their positions on the potential applicability of the Supreme Court's landmark GLBTQ employment nondiscrimination decision in Bostock v. Clayton County Georgia.  

So the School Board filed a brief, here; Drew Adams filed a response, here; and the St. Johns County School Board has filed its rebuttal brief, yesterday, July 24, 2020, here.

Prediction: St. Johns County School Board is going to lose, one again, and we're going to pay the price for the lubricious St. Johns County Republican Party's pressuring our School Board.  Doggone bigots.  

I was honored to meet Drew Adams at the band gazebo last year when we both spoke in honor of Gay Pride, along with Mayor Tracy Wilson Upchurch, a cousin and former law partner of FRA NK UPCHURCH in UPCHURCH, BAILEY AND UPCHURCH corporate law firm, formerly specializing in "educational law."

The "education" that bigoted schoolmarm-administrators require comes from federal courts.

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