Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Newly-created Dummy Corporation Gets $1,125,186 St. Johns County Tax Giveaway

Even after the New Years Day 2021 departure of controversial corrupt St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, is St. Johns County, Florida Board of County Commissioners still the "home of the whopper?" 

Where else can a new McMansion resident and his newly-incorporated dummy corporation get $1,125,186 in local "tax incentives" for "speculative" multi-tenant warehouse purposes?

No background investigation or references.

Who owns it?  

Who are the investors?

It's our money.

DEERPARK INDUSTRIAL VENTURE, LLC, a brand-new dodgy company, founded July 12, 2021, is the putative beneficiary. 

The County Attorney has been directed to draft an agreement -- Commission should reject it, unless more information is provided on the costs and benefits from giving free money to front companies.

My nominee for local Republican Corporate Privilege Award for 2021 goes to tieless Atlanta lawyer DAVID JOSEPH BURCH of InLight Real Estate Partners, a new Ponte Vedra resident, representing DEERPARK INDUSTRIAL VENTURE, LLC 

A graduate of the University of Georgia law school, DAVID JOSEPH BURCH's Georgia law license is "inactive, in good standing"; he has no Florida law license. 

On the morning of October 5, 2021, an LLC for which BURCH is Managing Partner was quickly awarded $1,125,186  in "tax incentives" as St. Johns County Commission Agenda item 1, without anyone ever asking or providing meaningful information.  

BURCH was not required to give sworn testimony under oath. 

The County Commissioners got little information in their agenda book packet

St. Johns County, home of incurious Dull Republican officeholders, some seemingly clueless, other-directed or inept.  

This is a place where County Commissioners have no legislative assistants. 

Everything they know is spoon-fed by a maladroit County Administrator and incurious County Attorney.  

This was once only the dream of Sheriff DAVID SHOAR. a sinister, cynical satrap, who legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994.

On a June 11, 2008 FBI tape with the late corrupt developer lawyer GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE,  The transcript shows that the political boss, Sheriff SHOAR, shared McCLURE's expressed desire that County Commissioners would go back to being rubber stamps. 

The result:

  • There is no effective "Legislative Branch," except for five overwhelmed County Commissioners, a hapless, sapless "branch," one with no legislative staff at all.
  • The entire $1.3 billion County Commission budget is its Executive Branch.
  • No seperation of powThere is no legislative branch in St. Johns County -- just five County Commissiers.
  • No checks and balances.
  • No regular oversight hearings.
  • No meaningful disclosure mechanism. 
  • No Ombudsman
  • No independent Inspector General, just a figleaf title in. the Clerk of Court's office

Lawyers with the Orr Cook law firm incorporated the LLC on July 12, 2021, paying a fee of $125. 

  • On October 5, 2021, St. Johns County Commissioners voted without debate more than a million dollars of "tax incentives" for DEERPARK INDUSTRIAL VENTURE, LLC 

Who are the investors and beneficial owners of DEERPARK INDUSTRIAL VENTURE, LLC?  None of our Commissioners asked.  No one from then public testified for or against the giveaway, 

It's our money. 

Quo vobis videtor? 

What do y'all reckon? 

Is this how Dull Republicans celebrate the beginning of a new year?

Happy Fiscal Year 2022, St. Johns County, with fraud, waste, abuse, misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance, flummery dupery and nincompoopery brought to you by St. Johns County Republicans.

First corporate donee beneficiaries of St. Johns County's unjust stewards' "incentives" -- tax holidays -- in Fiscal Year 2022 were led by:

DAVID BURCH, says a LinkedIn account, is: 

"Managing Partner at InLight Real Estate Partners. At InLight, David is responsible for managing all of the firm’s core investment initiatives, as well as firm operations and performance. David is a member of the firm’s board of directors and investment committee. Formerly General Counsel and Principal at Stonemont Financial Group, a private real-estate investment firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Prior to Stonemont, Partner at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, an AmLaw 100 law firm, with primary experience in real estate development, acquisitions, financings, joint ventures and leasing."


  • Managing Partner

    InLight Real Estate Partners

     - Present8 months

  • General Counsel

    Stonemont Financial Group

     - 3 years 1 month

    Atlanta, GA

  • Real Estate Development and Finance Attorney

    Nelson Mullins

     - 2 years

    Atlanta, GA

  • Real Estate Development and Finance Attorney

    Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

     - 2 years 6 months


  • Real Estate Development and Finance Attorney

    Paul Hastings

     - 7 years 1 month



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