Saturday, October 23, 2021

Read text of JAY McGARVEY's proposed 36 Granada Planned Unit Development (PUD), Proposed Ordinance 2021-25

St. Augustine City Commission will vote October 25, 2021 on proposed Ordinance 2021-25: Controversial liquor license PUD spot zoning for longtime location of two beloved local movie theaters for 40 years. The speculator, JAY McGARVEY,  bought the property and has already demolished an internal wall, with no intention of showing movies in the building ever again. 

On July 16, 2021, I filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice under antitrust and unfair and deceptive trade practices -- read full text, "DOJ and FTC complaint filed: Full-time federal lawyer works to close CORAZON THEATER AND CAFE -- conflict of interest? You tell me. It's our money,"

The "Applicant" is a full-time federal employee, the top lawyer in the Florida National Guard and Florida Department of Military Affairs, J.A.G. Corps Major Major GARY BRIAN DAVENPORT (left) who represents Ponte Vedra developer JAY McGARVEY (right).

They want a liquor license and they're willing to do anything to get it. Earlier, they demanded exemption from Historical Architectural Review Board and stormwater retention requirements. What chutzpa. 

There was rough sledding for devious development proposals at the first reading of the ordinance (with no public comment allowed) as:

  • Mayor Tracy Upchurch pointedly asked, "Why is this a PUD?"
  • Commissioner Barbara Blonder questioned the lack of public benefit.   

PZB voted 6-1 to recommend the PUD, with longtime PZB members John Carol Blow voting against, stating that he thought Commission would reject it as very poorly drafted.

See August 10, 2021, "SAVE THE CORAZON THEATER: Lazy PZB Recommends Flawed PUD, 6-1 -- 36 Granada Street LLC PUD Heads to Two (2) City Commission Public Hearings -- Lazy PZB Recommends Flawed PUD," here.

Read my prior blog coverage here.

Watch Commission consideration of proposed Ordinance 2021-25 here, commencing at 43:40 (click on agenda item 9A2. Watch the conflicted full-time federal employee lawyer-applicant-cat's paw, GARY BRIAN DAVENPORT, who could not give satisfactory or coherent answers.

Come speak, Monday, October 25, 2021, 5 pm, City Commission, 75 King Street.

Read text of the speculators' spectacularly specious, selfish and short-sighted proposed 36 Granada Street LLC Planned Unit Development here.

The proposal contains no inkling of any replacement movie theater. 

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