Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Aramis Ayala charges Ashley Moody is ignoring oversight role in redistricting. (Florida Politics)

Does once-principled Florida Attorney General ASHLEY MOODY's moody countenance resemble that of a bank robber's hostage, one suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

You tell me.

Florida Attorney General ASHLEY MOODY is wrong.

Former Orlando prosecutor Aramis Ayala is right. 

Ms. Ayala is running for Attorney General and wants to restore the Rule of Law.

Flor-DUH Attorney General In-Name-Only ("AGINO") MOODY is wrong to abdicate her legal, moral and ethical duties as a statewide elected constitutional officer/. 

Consider the strange case of the incredible shrinking Florida Attorney General ASHLEY BROOKE MOODY, Florida Bar No. 487198).

Born March 28, 1975, MOODY is the insipid, insolent, insensitive scion of a once-respected Establishment Florida legal family.

ASHLEY BROOKE MOODY is now most noted for her demeaning contortions in support of one-party misrule.

Consider ASHLEY BROOKE MOODY's utterly unprincipled, unscholarly attack on Justice Jackson for having been a public defender and thus, mutatis mutandis somehow "soft on crime," as if only corporate lawyers belong on our United States  Supreme Court, and as if our cherished 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments were merely punchlines in GQP's kabuki theatre of kooky Culture War kulturkampf. 

Florida Attorney General ASHLEY MOODY resembles PAMELA JO BONDI, her political prostitute of a predecessor, who went on to be part of DONALD JOHN TRUMP's impeachment defense team.  

This unprincipled Florida Attorney General is now an accomplice, by silence, of GQP Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS's latest hare-brained scheme, packing the U.S. Congressional delegation by taking over the map-drawing for Congress for the next ten (10) years, demanding the GQP-controlled louche legislature pass his bill.

Like a mini-me to TRUMP, like a whiny MUSSOLINI, DeSANTIS acts as if our elected citizen legislature works for him.

DeSANTIS wants legislative leaders to behave like louche lickspittles. 

The Florida Legislature is being abused.

State and Federal Constitutions are being violated.

Our legislature is being tread as a short order cook, a passive servant in hick hack sad sack RONALD DION DeSANTIS's hash house.

RON DeSANTIS is making a hash of the 14th and 15th Amendments, the Voting Rights Act, an our Florida Fair Districts Amendments.

Our Dull Republican legislators are now willing accomplices to our erstwhile St, Johns County Congressman, RON DeSANTIS.

Courts will likely make quick work overturning and sanctioning DeSANTIS's ongoing rape of our Florida and U.S. Constitution, a vapid, vicious, vituperative honky-tonk version of George Wallace, Ross Barnett and Orville Faubus. 

Insanity and inanity, aided and abetted by our supine Attorney General in name only, AGINO ASHLEY MOODY.

From Florida Politics, by Scott Powers, April 18, 2022:

Aramis Ayala charges Ashley Moody is ignoring oversight role in redistricting 

'The Attorney General cannot stand quiet while the Legislature has abdicated its responsibility.'

As the Legislature considers a congressional map drawn up by Gov. Ron DeSantisthat could face court challenges, Democrat Aramis Ayala is accusing Attorney General Ashley Moody of abdicating her legal oversight role.

Ayala is a former State Attorney from Orlando who wants to take Moody’s job in the General Election. Ayala contends that in the most controversial of government actions over the past couple of years, Floridians have lacked an Attorney General’s voice to weigh in on matters that become legal battles.

Now, Ayala is turning her umbrage toward the highly unusual course that Florida’s congressional redistricting process has taken, together with the widespread speculation it will end up in court, with either the Florida Supreme Court or federal courts — or both — trying to sort out Florida’s congressional districts, as happened in the last federal reapportionment.

“The Attorney General cannot stand quiet while the Legislature has abdicated its responsibility,” she said, referring to the Legislature’s deferment to DeSantis to provide a map. “So yes, you are dealing with separation of powers.”

“Not only does the Attorney General have the right to institute proceedings, she has a duty to do that,” Ayala said.

Moody’s re-election campaign did not respond late last week to Ayala’s comments.

Ayala said the Attorney General should have issued at least an advisory opinion. Ayala also said she would have declined to defend any lawsuits that come from approval of the map, because her advisory opinion would find the process violated Florida’s Constitution.

“If you put that out front from the very beginning, No. 1, there is an advisory opinion that says, ‘This map is unconstitutional,’ that says, ‘This behavior is a violation of the separation of powers. This behavior violates the Fair Districts amendment in our constitution.’ And as a result of these violations, I, as Attorney General, will decline to defend this behavior.”

Ayala was herself a highly controversial State Attorney during her term from 2017-20, and her battles with then-Gov. Rick Scott drew national attention and attracted widespread criticism.

Now, after an aborted run for Congress, Ayala is going for Moody’s job. So are Democratic lawyers Daniel Uhlfelder of Santa Rosa Beach and Jim Lewis of Fort Lauderdale, and the Aug. 23 Democratic Primary Election will sort out the Democratic nominee.

Ayala began her Attorney General campaign in March charging that Moody, who is completing her first term and seeking a second in November, was a no-show as the Legislature considered numerous controversial bills likely to get challenged in court — and some that have, such as last year’s big voting bill gutted by a judgelast month.

“She has been all too silent and not used her power to represent the people, but instead has used her position to become the Governor’s attorney,” Ayala charged.

“And that to me is extremely appalling because the Attorney General is not the attorney for the Governor. She is the people’s attorney. She may be legal advisor to many,” she added, “but as the people’s attorney, her job is to protect the people against unconstitutional issues and bills.”

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