Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Sheriff HARDWICK, what is status of police body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras?

Waiting on answers.

Sheriff ROBERT HARDWICK, what is status of police body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras?

In 2016, then-Sheriff DAVID SHOAR stated that he rejected police body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras, rejecting in debate with Debra Maynard the "false narrative" that "cops need to be watched."  

A political prostitute, SHOAR legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994.

Pompous pachyderm perpetrator of multiple coverups (incurious investigation of $702,666 of Sheriffs office embezzlement over five years, and coverups of the Michelle O'Connell and Eli Washtock homicides), Sheriff SHOAR exited, stage left," rather than face St. Johns County voters once again after sixteen years of flummery, dupery and nincompoopery. 

Sheriff SHOAR endorsed SABPD Chief ROBERT HARDWICK, elected Sheriff November 3, 2020.

Sheriff HARDWICK has done what, exactly to restore confidence in the Sheriff's office?

No word on body cameras or dash cameras.

Our St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners meets tomorrow, April 5, 2022.  

I have reached out to Sheriff ROBERT HARDWICK, et al. to inquire when St. Johns County will get body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras:

Dear Messrs. Hardwick, Cline, Dunn, Conrad and Migut and Ms. Dixon:

1. When will St. Johns County Sheriff Hardwick finally order body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras for our St. Johns County Sheriff's officers, to protect them, and to protect some 300,000 citizens, whom they "serve and protect?"

2. Would you please be so kind as to send me today any pertinent documents in PDF, including any:
  • evaluations of the technology, costs and benefits,
  • draft invitations to bid and 
  • the draft tentative budget for police body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras for FY 2023?
3. By copy of this e-mail, I request that the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners kindly add to a future consent agenda, as early as April 5 or 19, 2022, body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras at St. Johns County Sheriff's Officers.

Thank you.
With kindest regards, I am,

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Anonymous said...

Yeah now they've got a "real time intelligence center" with cameras at businesses connected to where they can monitor those cameras live if need be. Residents have the option to register their own cameras with SJSO. Add to that the body cameras, traffic light cameras, dash cameras and most likely automatic license plate readers and you've got a 4th amendment nightmare one would only expect in China. Thanks for going up to the commission meeting and patting them on the back for this you idiot. Now we can understand why they were able to do all this because everyone congratulating them for maximizing police state power. Already the fourth amendment is gone because of Republicans though the Patriot Act yet they complain in Congress about FISA abuses while we see what they do in conservative Republican counties. Thank you Ed Slavin for picking up on this issue and helping to drive right wing police state agenda by congratulating them on more cameras.