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Bean Counter DELINDA FOGEL Leads GANNETT's Bloody Hideous Cost-Cutting of Local Journalism


Remember when "Anonymice" posters posted threats against City officials on the Record's website? When I called the putative St. Augustine Record Publisher DELINDA FOTEL, she asked me, "Do you have a journalism degree?" I responded, no, but I was interviewed by The New York Times this week.'

(For the record, dopey DELINDA FOGEL doesn't have a journalism degree, either.) 

Well, the haughty bean-counting harridan is still on the job, living in St. Johns County, and leading monopolistic GANNETT's penny-pinching destruction of journalism in these parts. 

She's not on the masthead.

There are no names of actual human beings on the robotic Record's masthead. 

But I spied this foolish fogey's name in the list of campaign contributors to a controversial, ineffectual St. Johns County School Board member, Beverly Slough.

From LinkeIn: 

Delinda Fogel, CPA

Delinda Fogel, CPA

Chief Financial Officer | Improve Operational Profitability | Financial Analysis | Forecasting | Budgeting | Strategic Planning | Process Improvements | Staff Development | Project Management 

Metro Jacksonville500+ connections


Chief Financial Officer with 30+ years of experience in strategic planning, financial analysis, improving operations and maximizing profits.  

Chief Financial Officer | Profitability improvement

Expert financial leader specializing in financial management, revenue generation, cost reductions, forecasting, budgeting and process improvements. Strong qualifications in strategic planning, staff development, leadership, general management, project management and communications skills.

• Operational improvements
• Forecasting
• Budgeting
• Strategic Planning
• Process/Efficiency Improvement
• Financial Analysis
• Project Management

• Extensive vendor review for third party services in GL, PR, AR, AP, sourcing, ad building/fulfillment and call center resulting in saving $2.5M annually.
• Re-engineered cost center expenses to shed print costs to keep pace with top line print revenue declines, implemented best practices across the organization, grew cash flow and increased margin by 9 points.
• Evaluated product portfolio for improved profitability. Analyzed pricing model in circulation to generate $2.9M in annual revenues through consumer pricing actions. Analyzed cost structure of weekly direct mail product that was losing $1.8M annually in 2008 to breakeven in 2009 through pricing action and outsourced production.  

Contact me at for any CFO or VP Finance opportunities.  


  • Gannett | USA TODAY NETWORK Graphic

    Associate Vice President Finance


     - Present4 years 6 months

    Jacksonville, Florida Area

    Overall FP&A responsibility for GateHouse’s Coastal Publishing Group & Southwest TX Group. Duties included but not limited to forecasting, budgeting, flux analysis, financial reporting, project management, onboard new acquisition GL/budget integrations, and limited IT SOX compliance certifications for 21 media companies in FL and TX. Partners with local media company publishers and finance directors to set strategies for delivering EBITDA targets. GateHouse Media acquired Gannett in November 2019 and assumed Gannett name.  
    • Strong M&A focus in onboarding 13 acquisitions. Developed financial modeling and EBITDA targets for assigned regional acquisitions, project managed through all systems integrations including GL, AR, then monthly/annual tracking against financial models, evaluating P&L’s for synergies.
    • Leadership and guidance to newly acquired staffs on GateHouse’s financial systems and internal controls.
    • Restructured staff to segregate FP&A activities from GL/transaction processing to gain staff efficiencies.
    • Developed financial presentations for senior leadership on assigned acquisitions monthly & quarterly.
    • Managed real estate projects including architectural space planning, capital request funding, construction, and office relocation. 

  • Morris Publishing Group, LLC

    Morris Publishing Group, LLC

    13 years 6 months

    • Chief Financial Officer

       - 1 year 7 months

      Augusta, Georgia Area

      Morris Publishing Group, LLC was a privately held media company with 11 properties from Alaska to Florida with annual revenues of $200M. The company was sold to GateHouse Media, LLC in November 2017. 

      Responsible for corporate accounting consolidation and financial reporting for 11 media companies. Set company accounting policy, evaluated and implemented changes in GAAP. Partnered with the company President to develop strategic initiatives; worked with local publishers to grow…

    • Publisher, The St. Augustine Record &

       - 3 years 1 month

      St. Augustine, FL

      The St. Augustine Record & is a privately held media company owned by Morris Publishing Group, LLC.

      CEO with full P&L responsibility for and a 20,000 daily circulation newspaper with 55 employees. Established company vision, long-range strategic planning direction, increased readership while industry experienced a downturn, increased market share and profitability while producing daily news and information on digital and print platforms relevant to the local community.  
      • Recognized as top-performing publisher in 2014.  
      • Redesigned all digital and print products in 2014. Added content, new products, and grew audience/market share. Added staff where it could be quickly monetized. Efforts resulted in growth of topline revenue of 3.4%, cash flow by 40%, and margin improvement by 8 points.  
      • Transformed under-performing real estate asset (building) to highly desirable office space. Resulted in 60% reduction of building operating costs through rental income.  
      • Hired and developed high functioning executive team to execute three year strategic plans.

    • Vice President Finance & Strategic Planning, The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL

       - 5 years 1 month

      The Florida Times-Union is a privately held media company owned by Morris Publishing Group, LLC and was the largest holding in their portfolio.

      Responsible for Finance department of the Times-Union,, St. Augustine Record, Eco Latino, and twelve monthly publications and revenues in excess of $70 million. Primary responsibilities include forecasting; expense management and reduction, financial modeling, analyzing business cases for feasibility, SOX compliance, budgeting, and advertising rate analysis. Secondary responsibilities include establishing strategic planning and implementation, financial reporting, implementing new digital products for billing and fulfillment, as well as training and developing talent.  
      • Re-engineered cost centers to shed legacy print costs to keep pace with top line print declines, implemented best practices across the organization, grew cash flow and increased margin by 9 points. 
      • Evaluated product portfolio for improved profitability. Analyzed pricing model in circulation to generate $2.9M in annual revenues though elasticity and consumer pricing increases. Analyzed cost structure of weekly direct mail product that was losing $1.8M annually in 2008; altered pricing and outsourced the operation to breakeven in 2009.
      • Consolidated accounting functions of St. Augustine and Eco Latino into Times-Union. Automated manual processes for routine transactional data in cross-functional departments. Company savings: 12 FTE’s.  
      • Groomed replacement for VP Finance.

    • CFO, Savannah Morning News, Savannah, GA

       - 3 years 11 months

      Savannah Morning News is a privately held media company owned by Morris Publishing Group, LLC.

      Financial executive responsible for 7 P&L’s including 2 dailies with revenues in excess of $45 million. Primary responsibilities include strategizing and implementing new products; identifying new revenue opportunities/cost reductions; and implementing best practices across multiple departments. P&L responsibility for Coastal Products division. Secondary responsibilities include financial reporting and analysis, budgeting, credit/collections, documenting internal control environment and Sarbanes Oxley compliance.
      • Standardized carrier wholesale rates generating increased revenues of 10%.
      • Developed and implemented 5-Year business plan for launching Bluffton Today (18,500 daily) in 2005; a thrice weekly community paper, Effingham Now, in 2006, and Bryan County Now, a weekly community paper in 2007.
      • Lead 4 employee cross-functional work teams to analyze market study research making recommendations for newspaper redesign in March 2006. This effort included prototype development and focus group testing.
      • Automated transaction processing for credit cards, JE’s, cash processing, tearsheets saving 4 FTE’s.



    13 years 5 months

    • President & Publisher, The News-Star, Monroe, LA

       - 1 year 5 months

      CEO with full P&L responsibility for a 36,000 daily circulation newspaper with $19.2 million in annual revenues and 180 employees. Responsible for company vision, long-range strategic planning, increasing readership, market share and profitability while producing daily news and information relevant to the local community.
      • Increased advertising market share by 0.8% through adding two new classified advertising niche products for automotive and employment segments as well as innovative print and online advertising bundles.
      • Increased daily and Sunday net paid circulation sales by 2% and 1% respectively following ten years of circulation volume declines.  
      • Redesigned core print product to appeal to 18-34 year old market demographic through typography, graphic design and content enhancements.  
      • Awarded Louisiana Press Association’s “Newspaper of the Year” and Sweepstakes Winner for 2003.
      • Improved newspaper profitability by a full percentage point. 

    • Controller, Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL

       - 3 years 11 months

      Hands on supervision of Finance department of a newspaper corporation subsidiary with revenues in excess of $40 million. Responsibilities included strategic planning and forecasting, budgeting, financial reporting and analysis, credit and collections, and all accounting functions for the Montgomery Advertiser, six weekly publications as well as commercial printing operation.
      • Developed and implemented infrastructure for the Finance department following Gannett acquisition. This included 100% turnover of staff and implementation of internal accounting controls and Gannett IT accounting systems. This reorganization earned me recognition in 2000 as a top ten controller in the Gannett Company.
      • Developed and launched employment niche product, Alabama’s Job Source, with full P&L responsibility generating $150K in new revenues annually.
      • Saved the company $800K in property taxes and sales taxes by taking advantage of Alabama state laws allowing special tax incentives for building expansions.
      • Developed training plan for two team members resulting in promotions to top Finance positions at other Gannett newspapers.

    • Controller, The News-Star, Monroe, LA

       - 2 years 11 months

      Responsible for all the accounting functions for a newspaper corporation subsidiary with over $20 million in annual revenues.
      • Streamlined manual processes in advertising, GL, and circulation systems using uploads to AS/400 to improve productivity. 
      • Reduced accounting close cycle by 40%.
      • Developed and implemented a business plan for direct mail TMC product that increased revenues by $400K annually.  
      • Recognized as a top ten controller in the Gannett Company for functional achievement.

    • Assistant Controller, The News-Star, Monroe, LA

       - 5 years 5 months

  • Accountant

    McCormick Enterprises

     - 4 years 2 months


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