Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Judge rules against Manatee County developer Carlos Beruff on financial disclosures. (Herald-Tribune/NSoF)

CARLOS MIGUEL BERUFF, billionaire, ran for statewide office and lost, declaring in St. Johns County (twice) that President Barack Hussein Obama was an "animal." 

How gauche and louche. How disgusting that the St. Augustine Record, then under different management, lagged for days in reporting the news, after other Florida newspapers (then more compettitive, pre-GANNETT monopoly'a costly codlock control of some 21 Florida newspapers).n

This hate speech was attended by at least four local elected officials.

Local rebarbative Republican rednecks lustily cheered BERUFF's remarks. 

The venue of this hate speech was not reported by the superficial stenographers then at tbe St. Augustine Record, who demurely reported that it took place before an unnamed "Republican group."  It was the St, Johns County Republican Executive Committee.

Bigoted CARLOS MIGUEL BERUFF was rewarded for this Obama-bashing effrontery by Florida's then-Governor, now-Senator, RICHARD LYNN SCOTT, who named the unqualified beastly BERUFF to chair our Florida Constitution Revision Commission, which meets only once every 20 years.

Now CARLOS BERUFF faces a hearing before the Florida Ethics Committee on deficient financial disclosures. 

Who's next? 

From NSOF and Herald-Tribune. 

Judge rules against Manatee County developer Carlos Beruff on financial disclosures

News Service of Florida
Citizens Board of Governors Chairman Carlos Beruff in 2018.

Carlos Beruff, a Manatee County real-estate developer who has played major roles on state boards over the past decade, should face a public censure, reprimand and a $1,500 fine for failing to adequately provide information on financial-disclosure forms, an administrative law judge ruled Friday.

The case stemmed from disclosure forms filed for 2013, 2014 and 2014 — a period in which Beruff, who owns Medallion Home, served on the boards of the Southwest Florida Water Management District, the State College of Florida-Manatee, Sarasota and the Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority, according to the ruling by Judge Hetal Desai.

Beruff later was appointed by then-Gov. Rick Scott to chair the state Constitution Revision Commission and now chairs the Board of Governors of Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

The state Commission on Ethics issued an order in 2020 finding probable cause that Beruff violated state law by filing inaccurate financial-disclosure forms. That sent the issue to the Division of Administrative Hearings.

Desai found, in part, that Beruff “failed to disclose multiple sources of income and adequately disclose the locations of hundreds of parcels of property in which he had an interest.” Under administrative law, Desai’s ruling is a recommended order that will go back to the Commission on Ethics for final action.

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