Thursday, June 09, 2022

Governor Vetos $500,000 for redesign of St. Augustine Fire Station No. 2

Unadorned by a word of explanation, Governor RON DeSANTIS has vetoed $500,000 for City of St. Augustine Fire Station 2 Design (HB 4967)(Senate Form 2412).  

Wonder why?

The small, two-person, 24/7 fire station provides fire and EMT protection for people living, working and vacationing on Anastasia Island. 

It was built in 1958.

Our angry AWOL Governor, our fulminating former Congressman from St. Augustine, DONALD DION DeSANTIS recently vetoed $3.1 billion in appropriations using the line-item veto, after they were approved by the Republican-controlled Florida House and Republican-controlled Florida Senate. .

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Anonymous said...

"No, I won't build you guys a nice fire station but here's a few thousand bucks bonus pay for first responders to vote neo nazi." - Ron Deathsantis