Thursday, June 02, 2022

Lawbreaking Jacksonville Sheriff MICHAEL WILLIAMS Retiring After Moving to Nassau County in Violation of City Charter. (The Tributary)

Congratulations to the reporters, citizens and officials who raised a ruckus about Jacksonville SHERIFF MICHAEL WILLIAMS moving outside of Duval County. 

It was announced this morning that Sheriff WILLIAMS is "retiring," effective June 10, knowing he would lose if he went to Circuit Court.   A binding City Attorney legal opinion was due at 2 pm.

The Jacksonville City Charter requires that he be a resident.

Sheriff WILLIAMS swore an oath to uphold the Charter, laws and Constitution.  

Sheriff WILLIAMS plainly violated it. 

Sheriff WILLIAMS dishonored his oath of office to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution and laws. 

Sheriff WILLIAMS knew he would forfeit his office by moving to Nassau County. 

Zealous investigative reporting uncovered his move out-of-county last year.

Congratulations, Andrew Pentazi! 

Viva the Tributary, which scooped GANNETT's Florida Times-Union.

Say goodnight, Sheriff WILLIAMS.

Good riddance to a pompous Dull Republican public serpent, a member of the Northeast Florida Smirky Turkey Society (STS).

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