Thursday, August 04, 2022

Who is DoD National Guard Bureau Major MATTHEW MURPHY?

No class. 

"I wear [Major MATTHEW MURPHY's] scorn as a badge of honor," in the immortal words of former Vice President J. Danforth Quayle.

As  Albert Camus once said, "We must first posit denial and absurdity, because that our generation has encountered.  See correspondence here.

From LinkedIn:

Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy

Media Relations Officer/Spokesperson at National Guard Bureau

Washington DC-Baltimore Area500+ connections


My motto as a communications professional is to PROMOTE, PROTECT and PREVENT!

I was the lead uniformed media officer during the Jan. 6th Insurrection, during Civil Unrest, COVID, Domestic Response and the multiple controversial and political issues the National Guard encounters. I have personally lead engagements with POTUS, VPOTUS, more than a dozen Congressional Delegations and secretary-level visits.

Proven expertise in: Crisis Communications, Strategic Communications, Public Relations, Media Relations, Community Relations, Innovation, Information Exchange, Disaster and Recovery, Risk Mitigation, Image Consulting, Emergency Management, Writing, Marketing, Branding, Social Media and more.


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  • National Guard Bureau

    National Guard Bureau

    2 years 8 months

    • Media Relations Officer

       - Present1 year 9 months

      Washington DC-Baltimore Area

    • Space Operations Public Affairs Officer

       - Present2 years 8 months


  • United States Air Force Graphic

    Public Affairs Officer

    United States Air Force

     - Present20 years 1 month

    NCR - National Capital Region, Arizona and Puerto Rico

  • Principal and Owner

    Momentum Messaging

     - Present12 years

    Washionton D.C. Metro Area


  • Defense Information School

    Defense Information School

    Military QualificationPublic Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication


    Activities and Societies: Public Affairs Officer Qualification and Broadcast Journalism.

    Studied latest advances in military public affairs.

  • Miami University

    Miami University



    Activities and Societies: Journalism

    Departmental Honors in Journalism

  • Long Beach City College

    Long Beach City College

    A.A.Liberal Arts


    Activities and Societies: Student Government

    General studies.

Volunteer Experience

  • Volunteer


    Boy Scouts of America

     - Present10 years 1 month



  • Public Relations Overview


    Helping everyone in a company understand the value and purpose of public relations and how it can improve sales through awareness.


  • English



  • Public Relations Society of America


     - Present
  • Public Relations Society of America


     - Present

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