Saturday, October 01, 2022

WARNING: Amidst FPL power failures on mainland, City sewers could back up into your building if you don't conserve water right now.

City of St. Augustine still coping with FPL power failures affecting the sewer and water system. 

Here is our itty-bitty City's 1:17 pm, Friday, September 30, 2022 press release: 

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From: CityStAug Communications <>
Sent: Fri, Sep 30, 2022 1:17 pm
Subject: For Immediate Release: Public's assistance needed to speed recovery of City's wastewater system

September 30, 2022


Public's assistance needed to speed recovery of City's wastewater system

Limit the use of water to relieve stress on sewer system


The City of St. Augustine is asking residents to assist its efforts by using and discharging as little water as possible to reduce the amount of wastewater entering the system from all sources such as showers, toilets, washing machines and kitchen sinks.  This would include limiting the length of showers, delaying laundry use or only washing essential items, not running water while brushing teeth, shaving or rinsing dishes, and minimizing the number of toilet flushes.


Remember, having water service does not mean sewer service is functioning normally.  Toilets may flush sluggishly or there may be no visible signs at all until there is a backup. 


Until power is restored to all pump stations, wastewater will not be pumped causing the collection system to fill beyond capacity and wastewater may back up into your building.


City crews continue to work with bypass pumps and generators to restore all pump stations to full service.


For questions or additional information, contact the Public Works Department at 904.825.1040, option 6.


CityStAug Communications

City of St. Augustine

Communications Department

Phn: 904.825.1053

P.O.Box 210 | St. Augustine, FL 32085-0210   |





Please Note: Florida has a very broad Public Records Law.  Unless specifically exempt by state law,

written communications to city officials or staff regarding official city business are public records

available to the public and media upon request. If your email communication is related to official 

government business, it may therefore be subject to public disclosure.



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Anonymous said...

Not to mention you got people here and there wading around in the streets or kayaking like its something funny or amusing...and little do they know there's varying levels of sewage in the water. Yeah that's real funny you wading around in sewage 🤡