Sunday, October 16, 2022

Anastasia Mosquito Control District Helping DoD to Protect Our Warfighters

Under Chair Jeanne Jackson Moeller and scientific staff, our Anastasia Mosquito Control District has earned growing national and international respect, most recently in the form of a three year Defense Department contract to help protect America's warfighters worldwide from the scourge of mosquito-borne diseases.  

Scientific evidence-based action thresholds will be developed to decide how to protect our warfighters from mosquitos and fatal mosquito-borne diseases.  The mosquito is the most dangerous animal on Earth.

There was a presentation on the first phase of AMCD's DoD warfighter work at the AMCD meeting on October 13 (Thursday), which was the 109th anniversary of my father's birth. 

Footnote: In 1943,  after parachuting into Nazi-occupied Europe with the 82nd Airborne Division, my dad was bitten by a malarial mosquito in Sicily.  Dad caught malaria there in Sicily (although some "90 day wonder" Army physician tried to tell him he got it in North Africa in 1942.) The South Jersey Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Divn. Assn., Inc. is named the "CPL EDWARD A. SLAVIN Chapter," after my dad. 

I am a candidate for the board of the Anastasia Mosquito Control District of St. Johns County (seat 2, held for sixteen years by retiring Chair Jeanne Jackson Moeller).

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