Monday, October 10, 2022

Illegal Hildreth Way Berm Must Go! City Commission Votes 4-0 to Reject PZB Appeal of Illegal Berm-Builder

Three cheers for our City Commission in St. Augustine for getting this one right, by vote of 4-0. Watch video here, starting 26 minutes in -- PZB and Commission rightly ruled against an illegal berm at 40 Hildreth Way.

From St. Augustine Residents Count by Capt. Lee Geanuleas, U..S.N. (Ret.):

Neighbors, In a victory for common sense, the rule of law, due process, and the American way, the City Commission voted 4-0 to uphold the PZB's denial of the infamous and unpermitted Hildreth Way berm.

New Rip-Rap 7-2-22.jpg

Great job to the nine neighbors who spoke and urged the Commission to support the PZB. And well done to the City Commission for not allowing the applicant's lawyer to flim-flam and bamboozle them. Commissioner Blonder did a particularly nice job eviscerating the attorney's arguments.
Two City Commission candidates spoke on the record:
Jim Springfield spoke in favor of the PZB's decision and noted the danger of creating a precedent that would encourage unpermitted construction in Conservation Overlay Zone One by other residents.
Cynthia Garris spoke in favor of the PZB's decision and urged the commissioners to listen to the neighbors most affected by the unpermitted berm.
The applicant may appeal the Commission's decision, but for now, you can celebrate!

On behalf of St Augustine Residents Count and toasting a good decision,
Lee Geanuleas

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