Thursday, December 01, 2022

Ed Slavin on Overdevelopment and One-Party Rule

Every St. Johns County Commissioner who voted for current unrealistically low impact fees is a Republican. Every County Commissioner who supported 15% sales tax increase on 2022 ballot was a Republican -- 63% of voters rejected it. Every Commissioner who robotically rubber-stamped deforestation and clear-cutting, 1998-2022, has been a Republican. Every Commissioner who refused to address discrimination, retaliation, fraud, waste and abuse issues is a Republican. Every Commissioner who acts as a cat's paw for developers is a Republican. Lessons learned: One-party machine rule contributes to the obnoxious opacity of our County government. I'm a Democrat, who has signed paperwork to run for County Commission, District 5. Let's preserve and protect St. Johns County. It is up to us.

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