Thursday, December 01, 2022

JFK Compared Lying Republicans to Hitler


"The Republican Party can lead any person to believe that their promises will be fulfilled in the future. They follow the Hitler line – no matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth."

-- U.S. Rep. John F. Kennedy to Knights of Columbus, Fitton Council, East Boston, Sunday, May 18, 1947


Anonymous said...

The GOP is a shambling husk of an empty suit party... which is good because it allows people to think that there are two parties when in actuality the Dems control the direction of the country moving forward. Hopefully Trump wins the nomination again so he will lose again.

Anonymous said...

One has to consider that when a political party has no intention to do anything for anyone but a small segment of the population or a certain class..they will resort to some of the tactics that we've seen over the last 6 years. Even the things that they consider as being for "all Americans" is really not. Naming a new post office doesn't qualify. To Republicans, if your life isn't what you think it should be then that's not their responsibility. Makes you wonder what these people are actually good for seeing as a good portion of their constituents in red states live in poverty. Even their answer to this is more prisons and more police so you've got to question these people's humanity.