Friday, December 02, 2022

Watch This: Our Congressman, JOHN HENRY RUTHERFORD (R-HUTSON COMPANIES), speaks to nearly-empty Housde Floor

Such an insincere, lugubrious goober,  Pray for this developer doormat.


Anonymous said...

"Oh God! People are starving and riding horses to work... freezing to death in their homes in North East Florida!" (then later when the Dems try to do something about it.) "Oh God! Government intervention in the free market is communism and socialism! Vote for orange Hitler!"

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it's not the end of the world if people have to cut back their spending during inflation. If American style capitalism is what everyone wants then they shouldn't complain when it functions as expected, and they damn sure shouldn't blame the president although he did say, "I'm a capitalist." What the hell does a capitalist care about high prices? They make better money! To deprive them of that money at higher prices people must not spend. So if you are still going out to eat 2 times a week, driving all over the place in that monster truck, and buying everything in sight at Walmart or off of Amazon then you shouldn't be complaining about inflation. If everyone cut back, inflation would be over tomorrow. They'd have to lower prices to sell anything. But no, people are doing what Rutherford is saying. Complaining about how they can't spend it up and blaming politicians for it. Just more capitalist propaganda.

Anonymous said...

He said, "We just can't keep printing money." Well that's what happens when you cut taxes for the rich and super rich buddy! They suck up all the money, they hoard the money, they put it in stocks, the one's who have businesses don't pay living wages, and more has to be printed or there won't be any! You've got to tax or it fks up the economy especially when you have a phoney service economy I'm telling you.