Thursday, January 26, 2023


Florida Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS just signed a proclamation supporting "School Choice," something that former St. Johns County Commission Chairman JEREMIAH RAY BLOCKER blocked here in St. Johns County, without a vote by Commissioners or public comment.  Meanwhile, the KOCH BROTHERS' dark money group is paying for supporters of school vouchers to travel and lobby to support HB 1, sponsored by our Speaker of the House, PAUL RENNER. 

Milton Friedman said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch."  But louche lobbyists for corporations want to weaken public schools, attack teachers' unions, weaken civil rights laws and propagandize students with errant nonsense -- the DeSANTIS agenda. 

So yesterday, busloads of voucher supporters left their homes, traveled to Tallahassee, and had their "BUS, DINNER, HOTEL and BREAKFAST" paid for by (drum roll), "Americans for Prosperity." They will arrive at the Capitol in Tallahassee today.

Here's the schlocky smarmy message from one of several Facebook pages promoting the trip:

Americans for Prosperity is sponsoring a FREE trip to Tallahassee (Wednesday-Thursday) in support of HB 0001 which was filed on January 19 and will have its first reading at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, January 26.
The trip includes BUS transportation Wednesday afternoon, DINNER Wednesday, HOTEL Wednesday night, BREAKFAST Thursday morning so the group is at the State House EARLY Thursday morning.
Return by bus Thursday afternoon.
The Teachers' Unions always pack the House for these things relating to education, so we need patriots there in support of this bill!
If you can join, please EMAIL your contact information (Name, email, phone) to BJ West at . BJ is a coordinator for the sponsor of this mission Americans For Prosperity.
Participation may be limited, so please respond ASAP (Sunday night deadline).
More specific details about time and place for departure on Wednesday afternoon and hotel information will be sent on Monday to those who can join this effort.
EDUCATE YOURSELF ON HB0001 - See the Florida Politics article HERE.
"'HB 1 will give every parent the freedom to customize their children’s education with a learning program that fits their unique needs.' (Renner)
"Parents of a K-12 public school-age child in Florida would be eligible to receive a voucher to send their student to a private school next year under a bill filed in the Florida House."
Will we have a SEA OF RED in the gallery on January 26?
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Anonymous said...

These private schools have curriculums that leave out a lot of material that helps students understand the past and the real world around them. Everything but math and english is watered down, so students mostly learn that there is one "right way" to do everything to arrive at "the answer." Then when you include religion in the equation, that takes away a lot of creativity and ability to form one's own belief system since you are being told what to believe as opposed to arriving at your own conclusions or developing more of your own philosophy. You aren't presented with alternative points of view. So these schools will be conservative factories. Conservatives will send their kids to these schools in hopes that their children will become conservative as they will be less exposed to others who are different. These schools won't be better though. Shame on 100% VA Blocker.

Anonymous said...

They want to establish kooky conservative Republican madrasas with teachers similar to Imam Doug Russo's wife. Evolution will not be taught. Foreign language will not be taught. Economic systems that differ from American Capitalism will not be taught. American leaders and history past and present will be promoted better than Jesus. Of course Democrats will never be mentioned nor will "the left" unless referring to them as the takers of people's "freedoms" or "the kinds of people who our forefathers fought against." A myriad of other subjects will not be taught.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives can't have people thinking outside the box. If people come to expect more from their leaders and the state, then conservatives can't grift as hard and would actually have to govern for people who aren't rich. They couldn't just be empty suits and obstruct and sabotage government for a living. Conservatives accuse "the left" of teaching hatred for our country all while they teach hatred for government and collective action. So teach hate for the state that they themselves make up!

Anonymous said...

These hogs promote tax cuts for the rich and sabotage and obstruct government on behalf of the rich, all while they rely on the federal government to fix economic problems in their own districts. If not for federal government money, the red districts would collapse overnight, crime would skyrocket, people would be eating their babies. Quite possibly someone would eat Kat Cammack. What do these people do to create jobs and opportunities and better wages and more affordable housing in their districts? Nothing. They rely on the Democrats to take up these kinds of issues.