Sunday, January 08, 2023

Is NextDoor's local "Free Speech" group a nasty noisome nest of election-denying Big Lies?

For a good time, check out NextDoor's St. Augustine, Florida "Free Speech" group, a nest of paranoid election denying insurrectionist anger. 

I was kicked off after refuting their Big Lies.  

No explanation.

No response to my signing up again.

Pray for all of the uninformed bigots, bullies and satraps!

As William F. Buckley, Jr. once asked, "Why does baloney reject the grinder?"


Anonymous said...

The key to successful trolling of these far right terrorists and Russian propagandists is to sign up to their little groups and then begin to write conspiracy theories so whacked out and offensive that they ban you for that instead of dissent! This could possibly even lead to a meltdown if it catches on!😆

Anonymous said...

The link is broken. Post the link again. It worked once but now it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Reddit does the same thing. If you post anything political on the St Augustine forum, the moderators kick you out. Then if you go to stupid groups like the Nextdoor "Free Speech" group, you'll be banned for going against the far right mantra. Mind you, I tried to sign up and comment, even verified with text code, and still can't comment on that website. So far, it's bullshit. Gotta wait for some stupid post card in the mail yet I won't give the bastards my home address. Who the hell has heard of such bullshit?

Anonymous said...

The people on that Nextdoor thread probably aren't from St Augustine but further away in the outer orbit of St. John's County... where civilization has been degraded by GOP neglect over the last 50 years. Further away from the city, you can find people who can't read or write, people who believe in monsters and ghosts, and some of them don't even wear clothing at all. God knows how they survive, possibly cannibalism or eating grass and bugs. So you can't be surprised when their opinions reflect their lifestyle and level of human development. It's an intellectual wasteland in many parts of the county. This is the freedom that the GOP always talks about.

Anonymous said...

Honestly though you kinda did go ape shit on that thread. When someone mentions that you're disbarred you should just tell them nobody gives a fuck about it anymore... and that doesn't excuse the far right, immigrant fear mongering, racism, and great replacement conspiracy theories. That's called deflection bringing up the disbarment. It's gotten to where any and every mistake going back to birth will be used against someone for the rest of their life. The only defense against such stupidity is to say who gives a fuck dude! That's off topic!😆 And you can see how this rediculous set of circumstances and attitudes that we see today breeds an environment where nobody is gonna take much responsibility for any action before, during, or after the act. Why answer to anyone else when nobody else answers for themselves? What incentives do people have to own up? None! So don't!