Wednesday, February 22, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: Opinion DeSantis’s flop on foreign affairs comes as no surprise (Jennifer Rubin, WaPo Columnist)

On matters of foreign and military policy, our goofy Boy Governor, RONALD DION DeSANTIS, apparetly thinks everyone has a right to his opinion, to borrow the title of David Brinkely's book. Do you agree that DeSANTIS is dead wrong on matters of life and death, war and peace? xxxxxxx 

Opinion DeSantis’s flop on foreign affairs comes as no surprise


Anonymous said...

Perhaps since he went to Iraq, he's burned out on foreign affairs. Probably thinks people overseas aren't worth our time or money, and wouldn't like hearing their opinions on what the hell people think of us after the last 20 years. Reality is that we probably could have succeeded in Iraq had it not been for Republicans going over there with no plans, shooting from the hip, and many blunders. Twas an attempted grift. Republicans probably shrug it off and blame the Iraqis. How one could serve in Iraq and come back and vote GOP is beyond me. That and Trump calls him every name in the book. Ron is a willing victim of the GOP. How long will these people allow themselves to be punished by the far right GOP?

Anonymous said...

Today, Trump called him Ron Desanctus instead of Ron DeSanctimonious... and said people were moving to Florida not because of the governor but because of the weather. It appears that after Trump's 40,000 lies, he's actually starting to tell the truth here and there. On a side note, never do they mention the people who would leave here but they are marooned here after 20 years of piss poor wages and being hammered into poverty by the radical right wing courts