Friday, February 03, 2023

Trump 2016 Campaign to Pay $450,000 to Settle Non-Disclosure Case. (Bloomberg)

DJT NDAs were illegal. From Bloomberg:

Trump 2016 Campaign to Pay $450,000 to Settle Non-Disclosure Case

  • Judge nixed secrecy in deal with ex-staffer Jessica Denson
  • Campaign previously agreed not to enforce contract terms
Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in San Diego, California, in 2016.
Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in San Diego, California, in 2016.

Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

“Thanks to the court, this is another victory for truth and transparency. The Trump Campaign can hide nothing now, not even the real price they’ve agreed to pay for our tireless and victorious battle against their forced silence,” Denson said in a statement.

The Trump campaign’s lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The bulk of the settlement terms already had been made public in court filings last month. The campaign agreed to release all former staffers, volunteers, and contractors from the non-disclosure and non-disparagement language that they’d signed in order to work for Trump in the 2016 election cycle, freeing them to share their experiences. 

According to Denson’s attorneys, the campaign estimated that at least 422 people signed identical contracts.

Gardephe previously had ruled that the language in the campaign’s contracts was invalid — that it was too vague and “unduly burdensome” to be enforceable. Denson and her attorneys were in the middle of trying to have the case certified as a class action when they reached the agreement with the campaign.

Assuming the settlement is now clear to go ahead, the lawyers have asked Gardephe to certify a limited class of former campaign workers who would be covered by the deal. The next step would be for the judge to hold a hearing to make sure the terms are fair. 

The case is Denson v. Donald J. Trump for President Inc., 1:20-cv-04737, US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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Anonymous said...

Trump grifted people to a husk with the phoney Stop the Steal scam. He knew he'd cooked his goose and wanted to clean up before his ass was served for dinner. Now he's eating five star meals with the money that he grifted from all those stupid people. He also feeds other people five star meals with that money down in Mar-a-Lago in hopes that they'll donate even more money. This is the Trump Ponzi Scheme, the end of which is he keeps all the money and no one else benefits. He's a confidence man.