Sunday, February 12, 2023

Our Local State Legislative Delegation Holds One (1) Public Meeting A Year -- "Why Not The Best?"

Our louche local state legislators mostly avoid public contact, with one (1) three-hour public Legislative Delegation meeting before the session.  

Oddly, instead of holding another public meeting at the Auditorium, our "Dark Money" supported, other-directed Republican St. Johns County legislators go "dark" after session, annually holding a post-session meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, an anti-labor organization founded by President William Howard Taft.  

Where is the "access" for the rest of us who don't have lobbyists?  

As Admiral Hyman Rickover once asked a job interview candidate (Naval Academy graduate Jimmy Carter), "Why Not the Best?

Democrats need good candidates to run for state legislature,  someone like Jimmy Carter, who said we need state and local governments as good as our people, both competent and compassionate, for a change. 

What do y'all reckon?


Anonymous said...

After Hurricane Ian, DeSantis scoffed at the so called shoddy construction of houses from the 1980's backward, and said this had something to do with the price tag of recovery. Yes, that's because empty suits allow people to throw up cardboard and styrofoam structures two feet from the ocean so some hog can turn a huge profit. Now the same problems exist including the empty suit problem. Will DeSantis govern to ensure that whatever is rebuilt after hurricanes can withstand another similar hurricane or worse? Probably not. The golden rule is to allow someone to make money as opposed to doing what is safe and sustainable. Just watch. The problem is not the construction of the homes but the hogs and the empty suits who as the article above suggests meet once in a smoke filled basement every year.

Anonymous said...

They don't meet but once a year because the right wing death machine is running full blast here in Florida. Are we shoveling people into prison and otherwise sabotaging government? Ok then, nothing more to talk about or be done. Not really a point in them meeting once a year but to decide who might be the next empty suit or discuss whatever grift is trending.💲