Thursday, January 25, 2024

PSA Message for Overdevelopment Corporations and Their Cat's paws

Update:  The charter members of the Smirking Turkey Society voted December 5, 2023 to censure Commissioner Krista Keating Joseph for First Amendment protected activity, hiring a former Florida Supreme Court Justice and his law firm. For thirty pieces of silver (bill still not disclosed), these coarse Commissioners are paying corporate lawyers to do their bidding on behalf of billionaires.  Disgusting. Vote them out.

From November 25, 2023:

Soulless greedy corporations (like those controlled by billionaires HERBERT and JOHN PEYTON and half-a-billonaire developer-Senator TRAVIS JAMES HUTSON): kindly keep your filthy mitts off our laws.  Kindly keep your messy feculent footprints off our zoning, planning, forests, wetlands and wildlife.  

Enough GQP flummery, dupery and nincompoopery. For 23 years, every single vote in favor of overdevelopment has been by Republican County Commissioners, swathed in indifference and funded by greedy corporate interests.  Exhibit A: Senator-developer TRAVIS JAMES HUTSON, celebrated with his heyboys, including Clerk of Courts BRANDON J. PATTY and Commissioner CHRISTIAN WHITEHURST.  Look at those smug countenances, Republican Lords of All They Survey.

Clerk of Courts BRANDON J. PATTY (right) on election night 2020 with controversial Republican Senator-developer TRAVIS JAMES HUTSON. (left) and Republican County Commissioner and recent Chairman CHRISTIAN WHITEHURST (center).

Charter members of the STS (Smirking Turkey Society), corrupt, corpulent, corporate-coddling County Commissioners ALAIMO, ARNOLD and WHITEHURST: These three corporate cat's paws support overdevelopment in St. Johns County.  Unjust stewards of worker rights and environmental protection -- it's time for them to go! 

They've had their turn.  Now it's our turn.  It's time for them to go.


Edzilla said...

Fraud Scott made his mega millions off America's broken and exclusive heathcare system...Hog Hutson made his money from raping our environment so they can build overpriced pig pens. Barely a finger was lifted by these money vaccumes and they're usually the ones talking about cutting taxes so they can hoard even more of everyone's money. Such men should not be in office but rather be subject to oversight. Being in office protects the grifting and protects the hogs from the people. The days of accountability to the people are gone because stupidity has reached epic proportions. People think that shoveling every penny to the rich benefits them! No, it just empowers them to get into office, cut their own taxes, and hoard more of your money. They're not gonna give it back to you. It's theirs until they die and just maybe their kids will inherit that mountain of everyone's money.

Anonymous said...

On so called conservatives in Congress, it's not your duty to obtain a seat in government just to oppose government. Whoever heard of such a thing? Lawyers are supposed to challenge government once they've done something unjust, but to obtain a seat in government just to sabotage and obstruct government is criminal in nature and these people should be thrown out of Congress. That and some of them are just there to represent people who have a lot of money which isn't the intent of the founding fathers. The new right is a cancer.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Republicans are attorneys for the rich regardless of what positions they hold ie judge, legislator, executive. Everything they do is to further upper class and big money interests. They aren't about the Constitution or any of the bullshit they say they are. Just look at who signed the Patriot Act into law and there went everyone's Fourth Amendment rights overnight and only now they're complaining about it because it has effected a few of their dumbasses. The law and order stuff is also a cheap political promotion for themselves because look what happens when people like Trump commit crime. They aren't so law and order and rule of law after all are they?

Anonymous said...

Republicans govern for other Republicans who already have money...and THAT'S it.

Anonymous said...

Why is Dean left out of the Smirking Turkey Society when he was the one who made the motion to censure Commissioner Joseph? Lots of pictures of the others.