Thursday, January 25, 2024

What's Behind The Bad Vibes At Biglaw Firms? (Above the Law blog)

My heart goes out to the young people who get sucked into a life of defending corporate crime and greed. The next thing you know, they're dotards, having accomplished nothing in life for another living breathing person.  Corporate lawyers' obsession with defending the Ruling Classes reminds me of a lovely story about young Justice William O. Douglas, who worked for a Wall Street law firm.  One night, one of the named partners receives a call from his wife about something she thought was an emergency.  The name partner exclaimed, as Justice Douglas wrote in his memoirs, "What? The house is on fire?  Well call the Fire Department!"  As the Bible says, "The love of money is the root of all evil."  So sad that one of our County Commissioners, ISAAC HENRY DEAN, is now part of a corporate law firm as "Of Counsel," in the same firm where the father of the Mayor of St. Augustine Beach works, which hired maladroit corrupt former Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR, who legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994.  Still waiting on documents requested on December 6, 2023 on DEAN 's hare-brained scheme of censure against reform Commissioner Krista Keating Joseph.  How do corporate lawyers live with their bad karma?

From Above the Law blog:

What's Behind The Bad Vibes At Biglaw Firms? 

Some firms focus on profits to the detriment of their associates. 

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Linda said...

David Shoar never committed any wrongdoing or even sin in his entire life. Jesus Christ sinned more than David Shoar. You are not even worthy enough to rub the feet of David Shoar