Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Watch Out For Trojan Horses!

For anyone who in St. Johns County who is concerned about overdevelopment, be not afraid to ask candidates what their views are on other issues. Don't fall for someone's anti-LGBTQ agenda, using overdevelopment concerns as a Trojan Horse. If they tell you that you "have to" register and vote Republican, don't believe it. If they ignore your questions about "culture war" issues, be wary. If they refuse to speak to you like grownups, walk away. Reject Madison Avenue prevarications and simplistic shallow solipsistic supercilious slogans. Eschew obfuscation. One-party rule is wrong and got us into this mess. Every single pro-overdevelopment vote in County Commission since 2000 was by Republican Commissioners -- every single one.

Are Master Limited Partnerships a Trojan Horse for Killing the PTC?

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Anonymous said...

"I was attacked by the far left over the bigotry which I attribute to my belief that pink elephants can fly." - 100% VA Blocker