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ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: State Attorney, Public Defender back Tom Leek for SD 7. (Drew Wilson, Florida Politics, April 11, 2024)

Fun fact: State Rep. TOM LEEK is Chief Legal Officer for a nest of insurance oligopolists, endorsed by Senator-developer TRAVIS JAMES HUTSON.

"They will say and do anything. -- J.D. Pleasant, the late photojournalist, about our local burghers, the Establishment in St. Johns County.  These pointless pandering pompous pachyderms have idiosyncratic taste in leadership,  confounding our community since 1998 gerrymandering of County Commission seats, reducting them from seven to five while making all five run county-wide, instead of from single member districts. One-party rule produces nothing but coverrupion and coverups, as in the September 2, 2010 murder of Ms. Michelle O'Connell by Sheriff's deputy JEREMY BANKS, in BANKS' home, with his service weapon. Lousy louche prosecutor RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA belatedly recused himself five months after the murder, after his chief investigator determined there was probable cause to charge BANKS with murder. In the 2024 elections, are we so forgetful that we would ever follow endorsements and contributions by the likes of retrominent State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPJH LARIZZA or dopey disgraceed ex-Sheriff DAVID sHOAR, who legally changed his name from HOAR in 2014? You tell me. And why would anyone endorse bigoted bumptious TOM LEEK for Senator? It boggles the mind. Once again spoiled brat developer-Senator TRAVIS HUTSON wants his way with our govenrment, after giving the gate to Rep. CYNTHIA STEVENSON, his longtime colleague on our legislaive deleqation, while trying to foist feculent TOM LEEK on us, through his politial machine's State's Attorney and Public Defender.   Why would anyone take TRAVIS HUTSON's recommendation for State Senate?  That wo

Leek continues building support for his Senate run.

Rep. Tom Leek’s campaign for Senate District 7 announced endorsements from State Attorney R.J. Larizza and Public Defender Matthew Metz, both of Florida’s 7th Judicial Circuit.

Larizza previously worked in the Florida Department of Corrections, then as an Assistant State Attorney and pursued a private practice career before successfully running for State Attorney. Metz was felony division chief over the 7th Judicial Circuit before being elected Public Defender in 2020.

“I am proud to support Tom Leek in his bid for state Senate. He recognizes the complex needs of the state of Florida, including maintaining law and order and a firm, trustworthy criminal justice system, and his leadership in the Florida Legislature has already proven he has a unique understanding of the responsibility that comes with public office — and it is a responsibility he bears well,” Larizza said. 

Metz added, “It has been a privilege to work with Rep. Tom Leek, representing Volusia County these last eight years, and I strongly support his campaign to continue his dedicated service in the state Senate. Tom Leek is a man who defends liberty, upholds constitutional rights, and strives to represent his constituents well and I know will continue to exemplify these characteristics through his continued service in the Florida Legislature.”

Leek thanked both men for their endorsements, which came shortly after his campaign earned support from all four Sheriffs within the four-county SD 7.

Leek was first elected to the House in 2016 and has risen up the ranks in the chamber, including serving as the Chair of the House Redistricting Committee in the 2022 Session and as the House Budget Chief under Speaker Paul Renner.

He currently represents part of Volusia County in House District 28 and is running to succeed Sen. Travis Hutson in SD 7. Hutson is term-limited and has already endorsed Leek in the Republican Primary, where he faces Gerry James.

Democrat George Hill II and no-party candidate Michael Gist are also running, though SD 7 is a solidly red district where DeSantis won re-election with nearly 70% of the vote two years ago.

Drew Wilson

Drew Wilson covers legislative campaigns and fundraising for Florida Politics. He is a former editor at The Independent Florida Alligator and business correspondent at The Hollywood Reporter. Wilson, a University of Florida alumnus, covered the state economy and Legislature for LobbyTools and The Florida Current prior to joining Florida Politics.


Matt said...

I didn't know Larizza worked for DOC. That was probably back when it was better. Now deplorable concentration camps with a homicide or suicide every 10 days on average. And he's busy shoveling people into them as fast as he can for as long as he can. They don't even have air conditioning in the places, programs, or adequate medical care. It's a slave ship and human rights issue. Understaffed and outdated facilities, it's like Donkey Island in there. Corruption and stabbings evey day like it's a game or some contest. At least there's only one Rikers Island. In Florida, there's like 20 Rikers Islands.

Rob said...

Too many MAGA Dodo birds here with the schizophrenic Trump bumper sticker arrangement. Like ten bumper stickers, Alex Jones, Trump, conspiracy theories, racist and hateful imagery etc. It's an advertisement for being mentally ill in a county with ineffective, expensive, or inadequate mental health services.. that's if you could get the sub-apes to go. Many Republicans entertained by those clowns.