Friday, April 05, 2024

How Trump Moved Money to Pay $100 Million in Legal Bills (Molly Cook Escobar, Albert Sun and Shane Goldmacher, NY Times, March 27, 2024)

Have any of you contributed money to DONALD JOHN TRUMP?  Check this out, my friends. From The New York Times:

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Anonymous said...

That confidence man grifted these yoyos to a husk with Trump brand snake oil. He lied about his faith and wracked up 91 felonies. Party of law and order my ass. Party of grifting stupid people into oblivion. Sad thing is they'll turn up the heat on their so called law and order politics in many red areas locally to divert and compensate for their sullied reputations and being exposed as corrupt and full of shit. Everyone else but Orange Hitler is guilty and must pay. The homeless, the Dems, the poor, gay people and minorities. Many Republicans are psychopaths.