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April 5, 1999: Farver v. Carpenter Jury Verdict, Anderson County Circuit Court

25 years ago, we won a landmark jury verdict in Sherrie Graham Farver v. Dr. Kenneth Carpenter, M.D. in Anderson County, Tenn. Circuit Court.

The Department of Energy's malfeasant psychiatrist called Sherrie "paranoid, delusional and psychotic" for raising environmental health concerns about K-25 plant cyanide exposures, ending her security clearance and career in radiation protection in Oak Ridge, Tenn. nuclear plants then operated by Lockheed Martin. Verdict upheld on appeal. DOE's unAmerican abuse of psychiatry to attack ethical employees was rightly condemned by twelve local jurors. Great day.

The Oak Ridge oligarchy of atomic blunderers was angry. Suspended 2004. Disbarred 2006. Hope to get LLM and get my license back one day. Currently a goverment watchdog in St. Augustine, Florida, where I've lived since November 5, 1999.

Contributions to support investigative reporting and zealous advocacy are gratefully accepted.

Here's the Farver v. Carpenter decision from the Tennessee Court of Appeals (tortfeasor was permission to appeal denied by Tennessee Supreme Court -- my brief in the Tennessee Supreme Court was only one (1) page long, inspired by reading an article about some recently discovered Abraham Lincoln appellate briefs found in Illinois courthouses, which were actually worthy of the name "brief"):


Sherrie Graham Farver said...

Ed, you were not only my advocate and attorney but a true friend. You fought long and hard for me and many other Oak Ridge, TN whistle blowers and sick workers. We were so blessed to have your sincere concern for us in addition to your intelligence and extraordinary legal skills.

The "doctor" (bought and paid for by DOE and Lockheed Martin) to "evaluate" me violated the medical standard of care by his failure to seek external corroboration. Everything I told him regarding my health and concerns of workplace exposure to cyanide was the truth; yet he labeled me as a delusional liar. He did not ask for any of my medical records or contact any of my physicians for consideration with his diagnosis. The result was the loss of my security clearance and my employment with Lockheed Martin. The jury weighed the evidence and testimony. They saw through his deceit and corruption to rightfully convict him of medical malpractice.

What a journey we took and what a victory we had! Justice prevailed.

With love and gratitude Ed,

Ed Slavin said...

Thank you, Sherrie. I am honored.