Tuesday, April 23, 2024

On Wednesday's show: St. Augustine vies for state Black History Museum. (Anne Schindler, WJCT, First Coast Connect)

Tune in and call in.  Ask about St. Johns County's continuing violations of civil rights laws.  Ask questions. Demand answers,  Expect democracy.

On Wednesday's show: St. Augustine vies for state Black History Museum

The proposed Florida Black History Museum in St. Augustine.
St. Johns County Public Affairs Office
The proposed Florida Black History Museum in St. Augustine.

On Wednesday’s First Coast Connect, we'll talk to the people working to bring Florida’s Museum of Black History to St. Augustine. The Rev. Anthony Brittonexplains why the Ancient City is the natural choice for the institution, and St. Johns County Administrator Joy Andrews explains the application process.

Then, Florida State College at Jacksonville launches a new "Diplomacy Lab" in partnership with U.S. State Department. 


  • Julia Dearriba-Mongomery, FSCJ professor of art and design.
  • Daniel Cronrath, professor of political science.  

And, how to participate in a climate-crisis poetry contest.

  • Andy Bruck, president of the Musicians Association of Jacksonville/American Federation of Musicians Local 444.
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Fox Trot said...

Proof and evidence for your claims of "continuing" civil rights violations? Does the Florida DOC operate here or something? It's not a civil rights violation to send your emails directly to ye old spam box after ten years of bombardment with impossible demands so you can complain about it publicly. Let's get some proof and evidence for your bogus claims and libel.

Ed Slavin said...

Proof is on this blog and in public meetings, 2005-date. Who else dumps a landfill in a lake and hires lawyers and managers who don't apply and don't get background investigations? You sound like an angry cognitive miser. Identify yourself, please.

Anonymous said...

It's a right wing police state marketed as a "free state." Yeah right. Freedom for the grifter and freedom t-shirts for everyone else. Good luck making it out of whatever class you were born into down here. Next stop, cameras at every intersection and in every neighborhood. Already they've got feeds to many businesses here.