Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Confirmed, 94-0.  The U.S. Senate this morning unanimously confirmed the nomination of Carlos Eduardo Mendoza to be a federal judge.  CONGRATULATIONS, JUDGE MENDOZA.

The United States Senate yesterday voted 53-31 to invoke cloture and end a Republican filibuster against the confirmation of Judge Carlos Eduardo Mendoza, former Assistant City Attorney in the City of St. Augustine and former Assistant State's Attorney in the Seventh Judicial Circuit, currently serving as a Circuit Judge in Palatka.
A final vote on confirmation is expected this week.
Upon confirmation and taking his oath of office, United States District Court Judge Carlos Eduardo Mendoza is expected to be assigned to the Orlando Division of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, City Attorney Ronald Wayne Brown told Commissioners last night.
U.S. Senate Rule XXII was modified last year to make it tougher for obstructionists to block confirmation of judicial and executive nominees, except for the Supreme Court of the United States.  Still, spiteful Senate Republicans insist on using the rules to delay confirmation of judges.
The cloture motion was filed on Thursday (Juneteenth), June 19, 2014 by Senators Harry Reid, Patrick J. Leahy, Tom Udall, Robert P. Casey, Jr., Cory A. Booker, Jack Reed, Tim Kaine, Barbara Boxer, Bill Nelson, Jeff Merkley, Christopher A. Coons, Angus S. King, Jr., Richard Blumenthal, Richard J. Durbin, Christopher Murphy, Patty Murray and Charles E. Schumer.

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