Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Only Republicans Can Vote in County Commission Chairman JOHN H. "JAY" MORRIS' Race

FRANCES DUSSAULT SCHOENBERGER entered the race for St. Johns County Commission today, filing as a write-in candidate. I called her at her home in Ponte Vedra at 6:17 PM tonight and she told me she was asked to do so, but would not say by whom. Asked if she knew that this would close the election to only Republicans, she brightened, saying cheerfully, "I do believe that's true!"
She declined to provide any campaign positions, saying "I don't want to get involved in any big political thing." Sh said she is "only running as write-in."
She refused to say who asked her to run, while saying "you're a clever fellow."
By filing as a write-in, Ms. FRANCES DUSSAULT SCHOENBERGER, 75, has enabled controversial County Commission Chairman JOHN J. "JAY" MORRIS, who has raised more than $100,000, to be re-elected with only Republican votes in the primary. More precisely, whoever asked Ms. FRANCES DUSSAULT SCHONENBERGER to run had the intention to disenfranchise 38,077 Democrats and 35,474 independents.
Among MORRIS' fundraisers is Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR.
In her paperwork, Ms. SCHOENBERGER listed her race as "COUNTY COMMION (sic) DISTRICT 4," her telephone number as 904-537-7306, her e-mail as She crossed out Republican and checked and circled the box that says "write-in."
That's all St. Johns County Republican Party Bosses have to do to close a county-wide race to all but Republicans: one shill, one piece of paper, and 38,077 Democrats and 35,474 independents are disenfranchised.
So MORRIS' race will be decided by some 81,791 Republicans. Democrats and Independents get to support the County government's lavish rebarbative Republican lifestyle, but we can't vote for County Commissioners if even one person files as a write-in.
That stinks on ice. Florida law allows this. It needs to be changed.
Perhaps there will be less scrutiny on MORRISS' business ethics, MORRIS must hope, as a result of limiting the race to Republicans. Maybe not. What do Republicans think about government contract fraud by RPM International, MORRIS' former company, which settled for $60 million and change a False Claims Act qui tam case last year? Do they care? After all, Governor RICHARD SCOTT's former company settled a similar False Claims Act qui tam case for $1.6 billion, making MORRIS a piker by comparison.
What do y'all reckon?

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Anonymous said...

Craven and callow.

Republicans are quaking in their boots, capable of anything. Remember Nixon's crew?

Ms. Frances ought to be ashamed to be used thus.

Shameful times in SJC.

Thanks for writing The Truth.