Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watergate burglary anniversary today

In 1987, my mother and I took a Tourmobile tour of DC and the driver pointed out the Watergate complex, but nothing about the Watergate burglary. Under President Reagan, Richard Milous Nixon's federal crimes at Watergate were not in the guide's "script."
At the offices of Tourmobile at Arlington National Cemetery, my mother and I questioned Tourmobile management, who said that Watergate was "controversial." No it isn't, I replied, "It's res judicata without possibility of appeal."
Under Reagan and two Bushes government contractors (like Tourmobile) were expected to lie for their country. Some still do.
I watched the Watergate hearings gavel to gavel. They helped save our country from energumen.
Thank God for Sam Ervin, Sam Dash, Peter Rodino, John Doar and Tip O'Neill. We got our government back from the tatterdemalion sociopaths -- the burglars and wiretappers and conspirators who had stolen it. Thank God for George McGovern (whom I met several times when he lived in St. Augustine Beach) -- he had the courage to call out Nixon for his crimes.
Jimmy Breslin documents it all in his book, "How the Good Guys Finally Won," documenting how "the night law school graduates are saving the country." Watergate was wrought by reparbative reprobate Richard Milhous Nixon and a wretched wrecking crew crooked Republican lawyers, and it was one wily "country lawyer" (Sam Ervin) and a cast of hundreds who found the truth. Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment and removal from office.

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