Monday, June 30, 2014

Hobby Lobby Emotionalism on Both Sides

The decision only applies to closely held corporations -- mostly very small mom and pop businesses, other than this Hobby Lobby.
As a matter of First Amendment, statutory construction and corporate law, it may be correct, although I can understand the passion of both the dissent and the critics.
Great that we debate these issues in America, and that they are closely watched, constantly litigated, and carefully, even lovingly decided.
The justices who agree with you today may grow to disagree on another issue, even a similar issue. Compare Hardwick v. Bowers with Lawrence v. Texas.
I'd rather live here than in so many other countries, where there is no independent judiciary, no lifetime tenure for judges, no free speech, no freedom of religion and no free press. God bless America!
No, I do not intend to boycott Hobby Lobby. Never shopped there anyway. Why would anyone boycott a store for winning a religious freedom decision from SCOTUS? Too much anger on this one -- as they say on Cape Cod, "some people make their own bad weather."
Majority opinion leaves 16 of 20 FDA approved contraception methods available to Hobby Lobby employees. The four it objected to are described in the opinion. There is less to this decision than some liberal groups would have us believe. Indignation may be undeserved and undesired -- shedding more heat than light.
It seems both sides had written their indignation/victory statements before the decision was issued, and did not possibly have time to read/absorb/think before issuing their ukases/eulogies/ululations. How trite on both "sides." Someone with a funny name (Reince Preibus, RNC Chair) was one of the first, doing the political equivalent of a football end zone ball spiking about his pathetic putrid political party's putative "victory." In fact, this decision probably brings us closer to single payor health insurance -- Medicare for all! Bring it on! Thank you, GOP, for this day.

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