Friday, June 06, 2014

Saving St. Augustine -- City Commission To Hear Appeal Monday on Demolition Permit for 80 Markland Place

A 1907 historic Mediterranean style mansion at 80 Markland Place would be bulldozed if the MARIAN N. RICE LIVING TRUST gets its way.
That is not likely.
Earlier this year, the City of St. Augustine Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) vetoed the bulldozer permit sought by attorney SUSAN S. BLOODWORTH, the law partner of the late GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE. The vote was unanimous (4-0).
The MARIAN N. RICE LIVING TRUST's appeal from HARB to the City Commission will be heard at St. Augustine City Hall, 75 King Street, when the St. Augustine City Commission meets on Monday, June 9, 2014 at 5 PM.
People wanting to speak on the issue need to fill out speaker cards and will be empowered to speak during public comment, before the appeal is heard.
The appeal is limited to legal arguments and the record before HARB.
No new evidence may be presented by the applicant or anyone else.
Memos by City staff establish beyond peradventure that there was:
(a) no error on the part of HARB and
(b) no justification for tearing down this lovely historic 1907 building at Markland Place and King Street.
This is our Nation's Oldest City.
It is not a demolition derby free-for-all for wealthy special interests.
Here in St. Augustine, Florida, bulldozer-happy absentee owners no longer boss and bully our government officials.
Here in St. Augustine, Florida, we expect our officials to decide quasi-judicial appeals without fear or favor.
Here in St. Augustine, Florida, we preserve and protect our history -- all of it.
Decisions get made by people who show up.
If you love St. Augustine, please attend the June 9, 2014 City Commission meeting -- the appeal will be one of the first items of business. After it is decided Monday night, I reckon that you will be proud to have been there at that special moment.
City Commissioners' grandchildren (and their grandchildren) will say "thank you."
We take care of our own.

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