Tuesday, June 10, 2014

National Response Center Report No. 1085425 -- Plans to Build Structures Atop Former Landfill in Lincolnville

Our City of St. Augustine staff is still insisting it can construct buildings on 35 feet of garbage at the south end of Lincolnville, an area known as "Buena Esperanza" to the Spanish and mistakenly called "Riberia Pointe" (sic) by City staff.
FDEP's 2011 guidelines prohibit such foolhardy construction on top of landfills. Even tree-planting is prohibited because the roots would destroy the garbage.
Our City of St. Augustine, again receiving low-quality legal advice, is undeterred.
City staff discussions are still afoot about building atop 100 years of garbage, emitting methane, containing petrochemicals, volatile organic compounds, arsenic and other contaminants.
Today I reported this ill-advised plan to the National Response Center.
EPA and FDEP will now investigate National Response Center Report No 1085425.

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