Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Cantor Effect -- Ending Crony Capitalism Here in St. Augustine, Florida

"Crony capitalists," be gone! Now.
Eric Cantor's defeat signals the future of politics in America -- those who abuse government as a cash register for business must answer for it. Here in St. Augustine, Florida, our Mayor and ex-Mayor pay our City the munificent sum of only $1331.21/month for commercial property at 81 St. George Street.
I have requested an open public hearing before the lease deal is renewed on July 25, 2014. Mayor Joseph Lester Boles, Jr. must recuse himself and step aside. The other four Commissioners must hire an outside counsel without ties to the City. There must be a fair appraisal of fair market rent, and an increase n rent if the lease is to be renewed. Otherwise, there must be competitive bidding and competitive rent -- for this and all other properties owned by he City of St. Augustine and by the University of Florida here in St. Augustine. No more "sweetheart deals," as my mentor, former U.S. Department of Labor Chief Administrative Law Judge Nahum Litt, calls them.
Citizens here in St. Augustine look to the recent defeat of Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) as boding well for electing a new Mayor.
It is time St. Augustine had a Mayor of the people -- one who will work for the 99% and not for the 1% (or himself and his fellow crony capitalists).
Our residential water rates are twice what others in Florida pay, while we subsidize large water users like Flagler College, Flagler Hospital, Northrop Grumman, and every hotel, motel, restaurant and bar in town.
Some 40% of the property in the city is tax-exempt, while residents bear a very heavy burden.
Both Ken Bryan and Nancy Shaver are running against incumbent Mayor Joseph L. Boles, Jr. in the August 26, 2014 primary. Boles has been a Commissioner since 2004 and Mayor since 2006.
We need real debates with real questions, not canned fora where questions are written on index cards and selectively asked by schoolmarms.
Our government must work for us, and not the other way around.
What do you reckon?"

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