Friday, February 03, 2017

St. Augustine Beach City Manager's Incompetence, II: St. Augustine Beach Civic Association Wednesday Farmer's Market

On the agenda for the Monday, February 6, 2017 St. Augustine Beach City Commission meeting -- one that begins at noon and may not end till 10 pm -- is a "presentation" after 6 PM by SABCA President WILLIAM JONES, demanding passage of a "resolution" that endorses SABCA as a government contractor.

It's one thing to endorse saving the farmer's market.  It's another to endorse SABCA's flummery, dupery, nincompoopery, including JONES demanding time for multiple people to hoot, holler, brandish signs and intimidate Commissioners, as SABCA has done in the past, when then-Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS, recusing herself, continued to preside as Mayor at a meeting renewing a no-bid $1/year lease for SABCA.

Snooty, snotty, seemingly senile MAX ROYLE, St. Augustine Beach City Manager:
1. Did not put a time limit on the presentation.
2. Put the presentation ahead of all other business, including general public comment.
3. Did not vet the draft resolution with City Attorney James Patrick Wilson.

ROYLE reminds me of the story that Earl Long told about Louisiana Gov. O.K. Allan, Huey Long's puppet governor:
"A leaf blew in his office once, and he signed it."

Is MAX ROYLE too big for his britches?
Will MAX ROYLE resign before he's fired?
What do you reckon?

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