Friday, February 03, 2017


Left to right: SABCA President WILLIAM JONES, Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS, et ux, SABCA VP ROBERT SAMUELS, tedious tendentious serial First Amendment violators.

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, disgraced St. Johns County Sheriff civil process server WILLIAM JONES, President of the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association, distributed dozens of flyers (many went into the trash) at the Farmer's Market at St. Johns County Pier Park.

JONES allegedly rode to the venue in a Sheriff's car, illegally parked in a "no parking" place.

The hate literature manifested paranoid ideations, claiming "a group of elderly white men" was out to do in the Farmer's Market, and that they were racists.  JONES is constantly stirring up unhappiness.  In fact, JONES has a business plan.

JONES and SABCA co-rulers ANDREA and ROBERT SAMUELS are unhappy in life.  They want you to be unhappy, too.

Juvenile judgmental joyless JONES has accused people asking questions about SABCA of being anti-Semites or stalkers, and stuff and stuff.

JONES et ux have  done it on camera and at City and County meetings.

Like Donald J. Trump, they lie, emitting prevarications every time they speak at a microphone.

This is the same WILLIAM JONES whom I've reported to the Clerk of Courts and County Administrator for alleged discrimination against African-Americans -- telling vendors not to accept EBT cards for fear of attracting "poor people from West Augustine" to "our beach."  Citizen Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr. has also reported JONES over the same overt acts.

Is JONES racist, accusing others of being racist for asking questions about a vendor who may be violating health codes?

Is JONES constantly retaliating, while sending his wife and daughter to speak at public meetings, inveighing against First Amendment projected activity?

How gauche and louche.

As lugubrious a goober as ever made a chair squeak, WILLIAM JONES is one prejudiced racist sexist homophobe Republican -- we wear his scorn as a badge of honor.  Sheriff SHOAR must support JONES' actions, allowing him to use a Sheriff's vehicle and repeatedly slapping JONES on the wrist for ethics and criminal law violation allegations.

The St. Johns County Sheriff's Department could be found liable for civil rights violations in  federal court as a result of the activities of JONES, of which Sheriff DAVID SHOAR is on notice after a meeting with Dr. Michel S. Pawlowski, Sci.D. on February 2, 2017.

Keep talking, WILLIAM JONES: the whole world is watching you and Sheriff SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR."  You have the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.  But the First Amendment, in its majesty, protects your right to free speech, even to the point of pointlessness in your case.

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