Friday, May 19, 2017

No local news reporters covered County Administrator's 2.5 day budget hearing (except me)

No one from the St. Augustine Record or any other Chain Gang Journalism news media outlet was there. A quarter million people live in St. Johns County, ill-served by insouciant and insipid reporting, for the most part. Rest assured, however, I covered it, for 2.5 days, asking dozens of questions. Stories to follow.

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Warren Celli said...

In spite of SJC receiving numerous awards for its fake fantasy world on line budget presentation the people are still ill informed. Thanks for trying to rectify the situation Ed.

The core problem in a nutshell is that people live in the real world of treadmill crumbunism as opposed to the fantasy world cover story mask of representative democracy.

Real world treadmill crumbunism intentionally no longer allows good hard working citizens time for being taught civics based budget fundamentals, nor does it allow them time to engage in the formulating of those budgets, if indeed they had the knowledge. In fact it does the opposite. Through its co-opted menticide mind mauling media it intentionally keeps the citizens distracted and intentionally dumb downed and fearful with perverted, bullying, 24 - 7 xtrevilist content.

I applaud you Ed for bird dogging the budget process and trying to shed some light on the cockroaches who control it. But you will never get people interested in changing the wallpaper when the house is on fire, nor will you be successful by lavishing praise on those who pick the patterns of paper you desire. You need to build a newer more sturdy, fire proof house. One with direct democracy that engages all citizens.