Sunday, May 14, 2017

Supercilious "Special To Morris Communications" From "Motivational" Author of "Winning Through Intimidation" and "Looking Out for #1." Ick.

Read another overwritten, overwrought fascist column in the Record today.

Heaping helping of excessively long animadversions.
What? Screching scribbling evidencing emotional problems.
Perhaps even ancient hatred.
Emitted by columnist Robert Ringer in The St. Augustine Record today, vapidly viciously vituperatively attacking "Obama and Dirty Dems" and making untrue assertions about health care, the postal service, the VA, and other subjects about which he affects omniscience.
This mendacious "motivational speaker" is most noted for writing what my mother called "non-books," to wit:
Winning Through Intimidation. 1973. ISBN 0-449-20786-2.
Looking Out for #1. 1978. ISBN 0-449-21010-3.
Restoring the American Dream. 1979. ISBN 0-449-24314-1.
How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization. 1983. ISBN 0-06-859606-5.
Million Dollar Habits. 1990. ISBN 0-449-21878-3.
Getting What You Want: The 7 Principles of Rational Living. 2000. ISBN 0-399-14686-5.
To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?: That is the Question. 2002. ISBN 1-59077-035-8.
Action!: Nothing Happens Until Something Moves. 2004. ISBN 1-59077-058-7.
"Special To Morris Communications?"

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