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DAVID BERNARD SHOAR's birth name was "HOAR." Mr. HOAR legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994, by Court order, changing it to the more beachy and mellifluous "SHOAR."

SHOAR's announcement comes in the wake of corruption reports, complaints and investigations, including the New York Times, PBS Frontline FBI, U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General, Government Accountability Office, Florida Auditor General, etc.

Like a hog caught under a gate: Early retirement for a 57-year old lawman who served twice as Florida Sheriff's Association President, whose website lauded racist Sheriff Lawrence O. Davis, who served from 1949-1971, falsely claiming he was "exonerated" by the Florida State Senate that removed him by 44-2 vote in 1971.

Once regarded as "Sheriff for Life," controversial corrupt St. Johns County political boss DAVID SHOAR announced his retirement today.

Borrowing a line from every white collar criminal ever to leave public office, SHOAR said he looks forward to spending more time with his family. That dawg won't hunt. He's fleeing in disgrace.

Borrowing a line from the cartoon character of Snagglepuss, voiced by Daws Butler, Sheriff SHOAR said, "Exit, stage left." In the cartoon, Snagglepuss was running away in fear whenever he said, "Exit, stage left."

Does Sheriff DAVID HOAR fear:

  • the judgment of the voters?
  • the judgment of state and federal juries in civil and criminal cases?
  • the judgment of his maker?

You tell me.

Without any evidence, SHOAR told WJCT he has "saved lives."

In the reality-based community, we know that he has ruined lives and covered up homicides.

It is my considered opinion that SHOAR deserves arrest and conviction for possible federal and state crimes:
1. Obstruction of justice.
2. Making false statements to federal law enforcement.
3. Conspiracy and misprision of felonies.
4. Official misconduct, destroying and concealing government records.
5. Civil rights violations.
6. Covering up Michelle O'Connell homicide in home of Deputy Jeremy Banks.
7. Conspiring for years in efforts to get heroic FDLE Special Agent Rusty Ray Rodgers fired/prosecuted for investigating Michelle's murder.
8. Hiring O'Connell case special prosecutor Bradley King's son as a deputy at age 19.
9. Keeping Jeremy Banks and ten other alleged wife beaters on the payroll.
10. Using government funds to write, print and distribute 153 page report containing false statements about the Michelle O'Connell case for the purpose of covering up her homicide.
11. Attacking Michelle's grieving family and accusing them of "molesting" Michelle O'Connell's body by arranging for an exhumation and aujtopsy that determined her jaw was broken.
10. Racist coverup of Ford Street incident in West Augustine, settled secretly for $275,000.
11. Hand-picking Sheriff and prosecutor to investigate January 31, 2019 Eli/Ellie Washtock homicide, apparent retaliation for investigation of Michelle O'Connell's homicide.
12. Fomenting Jeremy Banks' SLAPP lawsuit against Special Agent Rodgers.
13. Directing bagmen to drop money bomb on Mayor Nancy Shaver in retaliation for her speaking out on. Michelle O'Connell case.
14. Hiring/promoting embezzler RAYE BRUTNELL, who allegedly stole $702,733 from 2011-2018.
15. Hand-picking Sheriff and prosecutor to investigate RAYE BRUTNELL embezzlement.
16. Refusing to request government forensic audit of embezzlement, hiring his own auditor.
17. Retaliation against deputies for reporting crimes and sexual harassment, subject of pending litigation.
18. Refusing to adopt police body cameras.  (Wonder why?)
19. Acting as co-conspirator of campaign-funding developers destroying our wetlands and forests.
(Shoar says developers are "good people.")
20. Threatening and retaliating against County Commissioners questioning his budget and spending or voting against his campaign contributors' destructive development projects.
21. Possibly concealing Allied Veterans $300 million fraud scandal, headquartered here,
22. Possibly concealing Lydia Cladek, Inc. $100 million fraud scandal, headquartered here.
23. Misuse of St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Four Star Association, Inc. non-profit funds.
24. Retaliatory denial of press credentials to Michael Gold in retaliation for First Amendment protected activity.
25. Conspiring with the late GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE to prosecute Thomas G. Manuel.
26. Violating employee rights to protected activity to join union and report sexual harassment.
27. Violating attorney's Fourth Amendment rights with illegal surveillance.
28. Falsifying his resume, omitting service at Palatka Police Department. Was he fired?
29. Falsifying his resignation from Palatka P.D., claiming it was to take a job with St. Augustine Police Department, to which he did not apply until weeks later.
30. Covering up his 2005 DUI wreck, in which he broke his leg in nine places, not wearing a seatbelt.  This is apparently what led to SHOAR's alleged addiction to opioid pain pills.
We, the People have triumphed. We won another victory today,

I would not wish the soon-to-be ex-Sheriff, energumen DAVID SHOAR any bad luck. It's karma.

May Sheriff SHOAR soon go to federal prison, like Anderson County, Tennessee Sheriff Dennis O. Trotter, who once told me, "You're the most dangerous reporter I met in my entire life."

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By Brittany Muller - Reporter, Steve Patrick - News4Jax digital managing editor

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