Tuesday, May 30, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: Like a rooster taking credit for the sunrise!

People have some to Florida for the weather since the time of Henry Morrison Flagler.  Thus Boy Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS claiming that people come to Florida because of him is silliness, like a rooster claiming credit for the beautiful sunrise.


Anonymous said...

He's done nothing but claim victory for the wind blowing, the grass being green, and the birds chirping. Otherwise, he's just signed every bit of legislation that the extreme religious whackos in the legislature have sent him. His penitentiary system is a human rights nightmare. Wages have still not kept pace with profits and productivity. Housing is too expensive. This town is a good example. Piss poor wages and sky high housing prices.. very few jobs that would earn a single person a living wage considering overall prices. The real problem is that people continue to pat him on the back when they should be cursing the man up and down. These people have come to accept such a low bar i.e if the state has not totally collapsed then he's good. Anyone who appears conservative is good enough. Hoarding money and underpaying police gets him police votes.

Anonymous said...

Take credit for the sunrise in prices, the California prices without the opportunity, the housing grift and the pathetic side hustle economy, the out of state money economy, the chipping away of generational wealth, the healthcare for the rich, the blue hair death hustle, the bamboozlers, the right wing police state, the pound me in the azz poverty, the destruction of the environment, the cultural stagnation and decay evidenced by the behavior of the sub-apes.

Anonymous said...

With the advances in AI and no signs of stopping with the low wages and high prices... this country will eventually become a living hell for anyone who doesn't already have money. Florida will be hit hard so these stinking Republicans won't be able to maintain their narratives for long. Their insistence that things can or should remain the same forever along with their beliefs in trickle down economics will cause pandemonium in the long run.