Monday, May 15, 2023

GQP CHUTZPA?: Eyebrows Raised by June 9, 2023 Republican "Fundraising" Event at a St. Johns County School.

Flyer for Fundraising diner with Senator Rick Scott on Friday June 9th at First Coast Technical College

Inquiring minds would like to know why the St. Johns County School Board is allowing a Republican event, without a disclaimer, at our First Coast Technical College.  Will guns be banned?  Will alcohol be served?  How much is our St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee paying, with what requirements?

Here's my Open Records request:

On Monday, May 15, 2023, 07:53:05 PM EDT, Ed Slavin <> wrote:

To the St. Johns County School Supt., counsel and School Board members:

Dear Messrs. Upchurch and Forson, and St. Johns County School Board members Patrick Canan, Beverly Slough, Kelly Barrera, Anthony Coleman and Jennifer Collins:

1. Would you please be so kind as to send me tomorrow by PDFs copies of any rule, policy or procedure of  our School Board and First Coast Technical College on political use of County schools, including any requirement that political organizations holding events display prominent disclaimers on ads and marketing that use of FCTC or School Board space is not an endorsement?   
2. The St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee advertises that it is holding a "fundraising" event at FCTC on June 9, 2023.  
3. Please send me the contract formation and negotiation documents and other documents evidencing SJC REC reserving the facility and stating the applicable rules, including any plans for compliance with the School Board's no-alcohol and no-guns policies and $1 million liability insurance requirements.  Please include the invoice(s), accounting records, cancelled check(s), exhibits, liquor license, and any binding or non-binding estimates for reimbursable food, security and custodial cleanup costs. 
4. Note: there is no disclaimer in SJC REC's ad on its website.  (See full text of their display ad below my signature block.) 
5. Please provide any documents on any ex parte contacts on this event and on the need for or lack of any disclaimer.
6. Please provide any documents from SJC REC or DBPR or local law enforcement, including any compliance or investigatory documents generated after the date and time of this request.
Thank you.  
With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Ed Slavin
(904) 377-4998



Anonymous said...

Why do they even gather? To plot upon the lower classes and those who run a foul of the religious laws. To devise ever more cunning schemes on how to obtain every penny ever made, shovel money to the rich, and how best to impose punishment on the enemies of the regime.

Mischele Miller said...

What a ridiculous and hateful comment. Guess that’s why you chose to be anonymous, I would be embarrassed, too, to make such remarks.

Mischele Miller said...

What a ridiculous and hateful comment. Guess that’s why you chose to be anonymous, I would be embarrassed, too, to make such remarks.

Ed Slavin said...

Our United States Supreme Court has stated that anonymous free speech is protected activity, and for good reasons. Your attributing mean and base motives to another commenter and using ridicule are no model of civility. By the way, the root of the word "ridiculous' is "ridicule," and your ridicule and rodomontade are unilluminating. Try tolerance.

Billy the Bamboozler said...

Sorry, I forgot to add my name on accident. You jump to conclusions.

Billy the Bamboozler said...

"Mischele Miller".. I've never heard someone by that name spell it that way so anonymity was the result. Other than that, the poster just didn't like to hear the truth! What does the GOP do for anyone who isn't already well off? Their whole platform is cut taxes and spending and "lock em all up!" What else do they do???

Billy the Bamboozler said...

Honestly, I must post anonymous because my views are so far left that I could be killed by right wing terrorists in this town. You understand that don't you? Not everyone can just pick up and move!!!!