Thursday, May 18, 2023

County Commissioners Proclaim Historic Preservation Month?

Faster than a speeding dump truck, our history and nature in St. Johns County are being destroyed.

St. Johns County Commissioners honored "Historic Preservation Month" at the commencement of the May 16, 2023 Board of County Commissioners meeting.  Four of five Commissioners were present.  DeSANTIS-appointed Commissioner ROY ALAIMO, JR. was absent.

St. Johns County honoring historic preservation while it has eviscerated it?

Not one of the four Commissioners present spoke out about the dissolution and abolition of the historic resource management office.  Not one spoke out against the Country Administrator and Growth Management Director's shared contempt for historic preservation. 

Gag me with a spoon.

As Bill Clinton said, "Nothing great was ever accomplished by being small."

Our solemn secretive somnambulistic other-directed all-Republican County Commissioners are gutsy about their hypocrisy.

These developer puppets hired in 2019-2020 and rehired early in 2023 retaliatory, unqualified County Administrator HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD without ever allowing anyone else to apply.

These developer puppets have done nothing about CONRAD's evisceration of the Cultural Resources office.  Like Pontius Pilate, they washed their hands, saying they don't get involved in "personnel matters," which is a "snare and a delusion," as John Kenneth Galbraith might have called such idiotic illogic.

Three of these Commissioners met with CONRAD's victim, but they've done nothing about the forced resignation of Trey Alexander Asner, our Cultural Resources Coordinator.

Our County Commissioners show chutzpa, like the parricide defendant who throws himself on the mercy of the court because he's an orphan. 

As Gary Hart said in his 1974 run for the United States Senate against Nixon apologist Senator Peter Dominick (R-Colo): "They've had their turn. Now it's our turn."

I've filed to run for St. Johns County Commission, as a proud Democrat.

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