Friday, February 27, 2009

What does "SLEM" stand for?

Snotty Little Ex-Mayor (SLEM) GEORGE GARDNER


My mentor James Nelson Ramsey, long the District Attorney of Anderson County, Tennessee, loved to give nicknames to crooked politicians. What does SLEM stand for?

SLEM Self-Loading Experimental Model
SLEM Steve Le Marquand (Australian born actor)
SLEM Site Laboratory Equipment Maintenance
SLEM Snotty Little Ex-Mayor (GEORGE R. GARDNER, St. Augustine's snotty Little Ex-Mayor, who is now paid $1250/month to write dumb 'ole newsletter for the itty-bitty petty City of St. Augustine City Manager, in which he exoriates dissenters and toes the party line). How gauche of SLEM to do so -- SLEM GARDNER's what my East Tennessee publisher would have called a "glorified welfare recipient," a'int he? What do you reckon?


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