Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Expletive deleted" or "barnyard epithet?"

The wicked evil developer of Maratea has a potty mouth. See below.

Was the "expletive deleted" one that is abbreviated as BS?

If so, the New York Times would call that a "barnyard epithet."

In any event, we need a St. Augustine National Historical Park, National Seashore and National Scenic Coastal Highway,of which the St. Augustine Beach parcel would make a great piece. Add to it the state parks, water management district land, Fort Matanzas, the Castillo San Marco and parts of downtown St. Augustine, and we'll have a world class tourist destinations.

Speaking of "barnyard epithets," Mayor JOSEPH LEROY BOLES, JR. not only forbade his mother to comment on public policy (after she supported the Park and told me so and told an elected official that she supported it). He pressred his own mother into calling the St. Augustine Record and causing a ruckus, claiming she was misquoted.

She wasn't misquoted. Maurine Boles came up to me after I spoke at a St. Augustine City Commission meeting and (taking my hand in both of her hands), thanked me for supporting what she'd been saying for 30-some years, saying she felt like the head of the Don Quixote Society.

It shows the depravity and meanness of JOSEPH LEROY BOLES, JR. that he'd appoint his mother to the historic advisory committee, then issue an illegal gag order, violating the First Amendment rights of his own mother, forbidding her to express her opinions about the very matters she was appointed to the committee to give advice on.

This spineless Mayor JOSEPH LEROY BOLES, Jr. is a lapdog for LEN WEEKS (his client) and is rude and crude to residents -- he more closely resembles Henry VIII than an elected mayor. It's time for him to go.

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