Thursday, February 26, 2009

COA gets $1.5M for garage

COA gets $1.5M for garage

From Staff
Publication Date: 02/26/09

The St. Johns County Council on Aging will get nearly $1.5 million in federal money to build a garage for its fleet, the county's congressman announced Wednesday.

Cathy Brown, the executive director of the COA, said the leaders of the organization were "very thrilled" when they found out about the funding Monday.

The council's buses have been parked in the open behind a shopping plaza on State Road 312 for the past eight years, so the new location will provide more protection against vandalism and a central location for maintenance, Brown said, adding that it will cost an estimated total of $1.7 million to build the garage.

Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park, said in a news release the $1,472,500 is coming from a funding bill that has been stalled in Congress since October and is not part of the recently passed stimulus package.

Brown said the council typically gets roughly $500,000 in funding per year.

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