Tuesday, February 24, 2009

JOSEPH LEROY BOLES, JR. Show His Behind Again

Promising 30 extra seconds (and a $5 Park Now card) to every person during Public Comment who said something "positive" about the "city."

He didn't say what he meant by positive.

He didn't say what he meant by city -- big C (the reckless, feckless, mismanaged corrupt organization overseen by City Manager WILLIAM B. HARRISS)? Or little C (the people).

Thinking he meant the latter, B.J. Kalaidi praised our constitutional rights to speak out and improve our government by criticism.

Likewise, I praised the people who supported doing something about environmental racism and adopting a St. Augustine National Historical Park, National Seashore and National Scenic Coastal Highway (like the folks at St. Anastasia Catholic Church, before whom Judith Seraphin and I spoke last Saturday and who were stiffed by our Nation's Oldest City, denied the right to tour our own Riberia Street dumpsite and our own Old City Reservoir, both polluted by racists in City Hall).

JOSEPH LEROY BOLES, Jr. said I wasn't being "postive.'

I replied, "that's not for you to decide.'

In the words of Winnie the Pooh, MAYOR JOSEPH LEROY BOLES, JR. is a "bear of very little brain." He's so besotted with his own power (having previously said it's only ceremonial) that he doesn't know badly he looks when he sounds like a honky-tonk combination of Pink Floyd's "Pink Man," URIAH HEEP and RICHARD NIXON.

JOSEPH LEROY BOLES, JR. is a charade and our City government is in shamblss. There is nothing it will do right or just until we see a new City Manager, and the old one indicted for his environmental crimes against nature.

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